Monday, April 26, 2010

Seven Seconds!

On Saturday Leisa and Rick arrived at the rescue ranch around one o'clock. After howdys and hugs Leisa's sweet, little rescued dog, Squirt, jumped out of the truck to greet us too. When we started to help them carry their bags into my writing cabin we discovered that somebody was already staying in my cabin and they had not been invited nor were they welcomed guests.

As we stood inside my cabin we could hear the tapping sound of little feet running around above the ceiling and it was fairly loud. It appears that an out-of-work squirrel family had secretly invaded my cabin to raise their babies in and Tony told me that they would leave when their kids were big enough to leave home so I felt somewhat relieved, but Leisa and Rick weren't. They decided that they wanted to stay in my Space Ship instead which was fine with me, so they moved their stuff over to my little guest trailer. Then we came inside the trailer to visit and catch up with each others news. Then Leisa took off for Kerrville to purchase a new cell phone because hers was dinosaur and she was tired of people laughing at her when she pulled it out of her purse, so she put Squirt inside the cabin and took off and Squirt was not a happy camper.

When Leisa returned she had a new cell phone and a sack full of cheeses, breads and wine for us to dine on. But before we officially started Happy Hour we decided to try Squirt out with our dogs to see if they would get along.

Well our dogs totally embarrassed Tony and me because they were not good hosts. They were rude, unfriendly, growling and talking about Squirt under their breaths until she showed them how cute and friendly she was. Then our dogs apologized to her (sniffed her butt and let her sniff theirs) and then everybody seemed fine, so Rick popped a cork of cold champagne and Happy Hour began and we had a blast in Outer Space and stayed up late.

Sunday morning after breakfast Rick and Leisa wanted to show us how fast Squirt was because she now has the title "The Fastest Dog In Port Aransas 2010" so Tony grabbed my video camera and we went outside to the parking lot, near our trailer for a demonstration.

It was so funny because Leisa and Rick were acting like proud parents and bragging and they couldn't wait for Squirt to perform for us. As Leisa stood next to us Rick took off walking with Squirt in his arms. When he was a good distance away he turned around, put Squirt on the ground, ready for Lisa to call Squirt's name. Here is Tony's short seven-seconds video of "The Fastest Dog In Port Aransas 2010" in action. She is soooooooooooo fast!

Around ten when it was time for our Space Ship guests to leave and head back to Port A. Tony and I did not want to see them go, but they did. My last words to them were, "I hope we get a lot of hurricanes on the coast so we can see y'all sooner than later!"

Today started out kind of sad because Lisa, Matt and their friends did not come out to help Tone and walk our dogs, because they had some business that needed tending to. We miss y'all and look forward to seeing you soon!

P.S. This afternoon we got a great update on Paul McCartney! Jessica called to tell me that they love Paul and he is a great dog and she and Mike and Jessica's dog Charlie are so happy to have him in their family! Nice way to end my day.

Y'all have a great evening!

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