Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You're Good!

Today has been a lot of fun! Lisa came out this morning with her super friends Nicole, Ty, Stephanie and Melody to walk our dogs! Around eleven-thirty Tony came inside the trailer to tell me, that with the exception of six dogs, all of our dogs got walked today! T. was thrilled, I was thrilled and our dogs were even more thrilled! Thank y'all so much!

After lunch Buttermilk took Tony and me to Kerrville to run two errands. Our first stop was at Wolfmueller's Books to say hi to Sandy, Jon and Mary Jo, and to wish them a Merry Christmas. As always their popular bookstore was full of customers, so we had a short, but fun visit with the three of them. Before leaving Sandy & Jon gave us a Christmas present, a homemade Bundt cake, that Sandy had made for us! (Thank goodness I walked six miles this morning, because it is absolutely delicious!)

Our second and last stop was at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic to pick up some meds for our dogs, and then we high-tailed it back to the rescue ranch.

We hadn't been home for more than five minutes when the phone rang—it was Carol! "Hi Tony and Nancy," Carol said to Carlton, our answering machine. "Lorri, Brenda and James are over here and we were wondering if we could come over to see y'all..." I picked up the handset.

"Hi Carol! Tony and I would love for y'all to come over! The gate is open..."

Ten minutes later they were at the rescue ranch, and we were outside hugging each other and that's when the laughter began!

Before going into Outer Space, we went into the Space Ship so they could see it. They loved it and thought the breakfast nook that I had built was adorable! Carol, who had seen the breakfast nook last week when she came over, went into tour guide mode and pointed out her favorite pictures on the walls!

Carol wanted them to see my writing cabin, so we took off for my small, cozy cabin that Tony built for me many years ago. I love my little cabin and always enjoy showing it off to people. Brenda, Lorri and James thought it was pretty cool, too!

When we left the cabin, Tony, Brenda and Lorri took off to go visit with our dogs and Carol, James and I went to the trailer, so I could show it off to him. Like everyone else he could not believe it was a trailer when he walked inside. He thought my painted rugs on the floor were cute, but when we went to the bedroom to show him the cedar bed that Tony had built for us when we got married he was awestruck by it! "I love this bed and this trailer!" James said. "Tony is really talented. I've never seen a trailer like this. It doesn't feel like a trailer and the wood floors are fantastic..." After his compliments we went into Outer Space.

When Brenda, Lorri and Tony entered Outer Space we had a blast! The laughter was nonstop until T. told us about a neighboring rancher who had shot himself in the head a few months ago. Everyone was quiet and didn't know what to say, but me. "Well Tone," I teased. "Thank you for bringing all of us down so fast. I was hoping that someone would do it, because we have been having way too much fun. You're good." Everyone burst out laughing including T. thank goodness! Then the dogs cranked up. "I bet it's UPS bringing us our ham that Karen sent to us," I said.

I was halfway right. UPS delivered her ham and Roger and Mary's box of donated bandanas for our dogs to wear! Thank you Karen, Roger & Mary! Carol and her friends told us the ham you sent us is a very expensive gourmet ham, and everyone thought the bandanas from Wichita, Kansas were pretty! My favorites were the pink and lavender ones.

A little while later Carol and her friends: Brenda, Lorri and James left to go back to Carol's ranch. Around five o'clock Kinky called and asked me to come over and go on a walk with him. Our walk was fun. Kinky told me three hilarious jokes that Willie Nelson had just told him, but I can't repeat them because I can't remember them. I think I will blame it on Mercury going into retrograde on the 26th this time, instead of old age.

Y'all have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

Glad the ham finally arrived lol, you know all that adverse weather there in Medina preventing it from being delivered to y'all earlier than today hehe--At any rate, I hope it wasn't spoiled so let me know because I will order you another one if it is bad--Psssst, please don't tell D&D as they might tell Beckcom and upset him about the gift I sent you for Christmas. Hope you all have a great Christmas--May God watch over and bless you all as well as all of the beautiful animals at the rescue ranch!!Your friend,Karen C.

Anonymous said...

I am glad the bandannas arrived. You guys have so much fun in Outer Space. I wish I was there! I doubt that Mr. Rogers will allow you to put a bandanna on him. YOu won't believe how hard it is to get a collar on him. Merry Christmas and a Yappy New Year!
from Kozzymom in Wichita

Anonymous said...

I am glad Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee are there with their friends at Utopia. It is blizzard conditions here. Before we caught them, they were out behind the warehouse and we worried! kozzymom in Wichita :)

Anonymous said...

Bless you all for the inspiration and tlc to animals:)