Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sous Chef Lisa!

I loved watching Julie & Julia last night! Nora Ephron, one of my most favorite directors, sure knows how to direct, and Meryl Streep was so believable playing Julia Childs, it was unbelievable!

I can't imagine cooking five hundred and twenty four French recipes in three hundred and sixty five days! When I told Tony about it this morning, after getting his virtual farm report, he said, "Nance, I like American food. I've never eaten French food. Promise me you won't start trying to cook it." I promised him, because I've never eaten French food, either.

Today for lunch, Tone and I ate Mexican food, and so did our dogs! I made cheese enchiladas, black beans and rice for us, and then Lisa came inside the trailer, after walking several dogs, and helped me cook hot cheese and garlic powder quesadillas for our rescued dogs! Here's a picture of Sous Chef Lisa!

When we were finished cooking, Lisa, T. and I went outside, and we handed out the delicious, warm, south of the border treats. Our dogs ate them up! "I love cooking for our dogs!" I said. "It makes me feel so good, seeing them so happy. They really love Mexican food, and the garlic powder is so good for them."

"What does the garlic powder do?" Lisa asked.

"The garlic powder destresses them, and it helps repel fleas," I said. "It doesn't kill fleas. It just repels them. I wish that I had the time, and we could afford it, to cook everyday for our dogs..."

This afternoon I worked on my book, and I made a lot of progress! I purchased the ISBN and Bar Code for it, and I talked to the company that is going to print it for me. I have the book cover done, too! Hopefully, it will go to press next week. I can't wait!

I talked to Kinky late this afternoon. He is back on the road, again, and he won't be back until Sunday or Monday. When I told him about us cooking for the dogs today, he was thrilled. 

Tomorrow, Mari and I are going to try to meet up at Wolfmueller's Books, so she can give me Witch Hazel!

Y'all have a great evening!

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