Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Witch Hazel!

This morning before walking six miles, I checked my e-mail. My friend Mari, the most famous NoMad, in Kerrville, sent me three notes.

Her first two cracked me up, especially 'Why Men Don't Live As Long As Women." Her last message really sucked!

Mari wrote: Nancy, I read on your blog that you have a purple vacuum and you love it. Well I don’t think much of mine and rather than repair it again (my vacuum ‘sucks’ cuz it won’t suck!), I would love to give it to you for ‘parts’ because if you ever NEED parts for Hazel, your purple vacuum, you might be glad to have it.


Let me know if you’ll accept my offer – otherwise my purple vac goes to the landfill! YIKES!  Mari

I wrote back: Hi Mari. One time my Hazel quit sucking, and I took it apart and unclogged her. Maybe I can fix yours? I will gladly take it for parts, but let me try to fix yours first. My Hazel really sucks and I love her! Nancy

Mari was online, so she and I fired back a couple of e-mails to each other.

Mari wrote: I already bought another vacuum cleaner (Riccor or something like that). I really am going to get rid of my Hazel since she doesn't suck. So you'll have two! Mari

I wrote back: Hi Mari. That sounds great! Next week when the weather is better, let's meet at Wolfmueller's, so you can give me Witch Hazel for my holiday gift! I guess no one told her that her life was supposed to suck.

The next e-mail I looked at was from my good friend, Pete, down in Port Aransas. He wrote to tell me that he and Kelly, and Fiona have really bonded with Smilin' Jack, and they are so in love with him! He told me that Smilin' Jack has opened their refrigerator door two times, and that he plays tennis better that John McEnroe ever did, and he never misses a ball! Here are the pictures Pete sent to me of him, Kelly, Fiona and Smilin' Jack!

I suggested to Pete that he and Kelly start a fan club for Fiona and Smilin' Jack on Facebook! I hope they will do it, because I am one of their biggest fans!

This afternoon Kinky called. He is up in Fort Worth, and was calling me from Kent's and Ruthie's ranch! We had a great visit, then he put me on the phone with Kent, and we had a fun visit.

Nothing else much happened. Y'all have a great evening!

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RealBeWhoUR said...

Hey next time you talk to my cuz' Kent say his cousin Karen sent her best wishes their way. He and Ruth are great people and I am glad they are in my "clan". Also, I hope to meet Kinky F. one day soon.