Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cooking With Cousin Nancy!

This morning, I got up early and walked six miles with Leslie Sansone. Ten minutes later, I called The Rose 99.9, to do The Harley Show. Harley's Pet of the Week was Princess, the sweet thirty-five pound dog, that came back to us last month. I had a fun time talking to Harley, and I think the show went really well. 

In fact, I know it went really well, because at nine-thirty this morning, a nice woman from Kerrville called me, and I think she wants to adopt Princess, this Saturday, for her grandson! Before our phone conversation ended, she told me that she was interested in Princess, Clark Kent and Scooby Doo! I can't wait for Saturday!

While Tony and Ben were outside doing their chores, and Lisa and John were walking our dogs, I wrestled with which recipe to cook for lunch. I finally decided to make the 'Broccoli Mushroom Noodle Casserole,' then Kinky called me from Fort Worth.

He and I talked for about two minutes, then Kinky said, "...I'll be back at the ranch on Saturday. Hold on, Nance. Someone wants to talk to you." 

"Hello, Cousin Nancy! I love you and Tony, and I hope that the two of you are doing great!" OMG! It was Ruth Buzzi! "You and Tony need to come up here, and spend a couple of days with Kent and me, at our ranch." 

After explaining how hard it is for Tone and me to get away from here, Ruthie said, "I completely understand. Kent and I are planning to come down there, and visit with Kinky and y'all in the next couple of months..." I really enjoyed talking to Ruthie, and am really looking forward to their visit!

Ten minutes later, Tony and Ben came inside, when I was just starting to make the casserole. "I see you got a new coffee maker. Can I make some coffee?" Ben asked. 

"Yes. His name is Mr. Coffee, and I would love a cup, too," I said, as he started filling up the coffee carafe with water. 

"I thought I was going to go crazy, when y'all were gone to Port Aransas, because I couldn't find the lid for the coffee pot to make coffee," Ben said, as I was sauteing the mushrooms, garlic, onions and broccoli. "I looked everywhere for it, and then I figured that you must have accidentally thrown it out when you were cleaning the percolator." Ben and Tony started laughing!

Ben's remark surprised me, but made me smile, because he had just solved the mystery of Perky's missing lid! I didn't lose it last week, like I thought I had! I had lost it before our trip to Port A.! And, that is why T. and I couldn't find it in the trash the other day! Mystery solved.

While I was busy cooking, Ben started video taping me, without me knowing it! "Nance, you need to do a cooking show. You could call it, 'Cooking With Cousin Nancy,'" Ben said, followed by a laugh. Then he hit the play button on the video camera, and showed me cooking. I looked like an idiot! The three of us had a good laugh about it, and trust me—my cooking show will never air, because I deleted it!

The broccoli mushroom noodle casserole was delicious, and a big hit with Tony! I don't know which recipe that I am going to prepare tomorrow, but I am sure T. will love it, since it won't be beans and cornbread, again.

This afternoon, Tony and I went to the H.E.B. in Kerrville, because I needed to get one hundred flour tortillas, five large bags of grated sharp cheddar cheese, and two large jars of garlic powder, so I can fix hot garlic and cheese quesadillas for our dogs tomorrow and Saturday, because it is going to be pretty cold. The ingredients cost $46.11.

Our dogs love the hot quesadillas treats, and I love making them for them, but unbeknownst to Ben, I plan to ask him to help me make them tomorrow, after he and Tony get their chores done. If Ben can't help me, I think that I've got backup, because Lisa told me that she will help me, weather permitting.

Y'all have a great evening!


No Kill Monroe County Pa said...

Cousin Nancy,

You got some lucky spoiled dogs out there!

If you don't do a cooking show, maybe you would do a cooking blog with the recipes included?!

I bet my dogs would like some quesadillas!

cousin nancy said...

Hi No Kill Monroe County PA! I did a short cooking show this morning and am posting it tonight. Thank you for the comment.