Sunday, December 13, 2009

Julia Child Just Showed Up!

While I was posting the last blog, two women showed up from Medina. Tony went outside to talk to them. 

At three-thirty, Tone walked inside the trailer and said, "We've got a new little dog. Clare and her friend found her running around Medina. I'm sure she belongs to someone in town."

Let me go take a picture of her, so you can post it on the window at the Old Timer tomorrow morning." I grabbed my camera, and we took off in Kermit. She is real sweet and friendly, definitely someone's best friend. She has a collar, but no tags. Fortunately, when T. held her up, I shot her on the first shot. Please meet—Julia Child! I hope her owners can pick her up tomorrow! 

P.S. Julia was unexpected, and she is not who is coming out to the ranch this evening.

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