Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mari Sure Knows How To Write The Right Stuff!

My good friend, Mari, of the famous NoMads, sent me this note this morning and I am thrilled for her! Over the years I have told her several times that she is one fantastic writer and now I can prove it! Congrats Mari! Witch Hazel sends you her best!
Mari wrote:
For those that do not know the ‘history’ of how this happened, Sandy Steffan flattered me by telling me I had a talent for bylines (she knew this would butter me up). She sent me several Christmas pix of BRAT dogs and asked me to caption them for use on their website. It wasn’t easy tying these unrelated pix together but I gave it a shot, not knowing if my pithy phrases would go over.

Well, just scroll down to the green letters “Twas Before Christmas. Sandy has put my submission (BTW I don’t recognize all of these dogs) on the BRAT website – adding a couple of pix she must have received after I had developed my ‘story’. She has also added music and some graphics. It came out really nice!

And I got the credit for it, which is nice, but Sandy should give herself some credit too! J


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DY_Goddess said...

Just had a chance to read the captions on the link... they're awesome! She did are really great job. I loved the photos of the dogs too.