Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Julie & Julia!

Today was a good day. Lisa came out this morning, and she brought her friends along with her, to walk our dogs! Then they came back after lunch, and walked our dogs for three more hours! Thank y'all so much! We love you Lisa!

This morning, after I walked six miles with Leslie, Kinky invited me over to the Lodge for a visit. He and I had a good visit. We talked about missing Mr. Magoo, and what a great dog he had been. Then we discussed our upcoming fundraiser with Big Brothers and Big Sisters in Kerrville. The event is in the beginning stages, and I will keep y'all posted as soon as we have a date, etc.

Yesterday, I promised to post a picture of Mr. Magoo's grave site, in the Friedman Family Bone Orchard, in front of Perky's place. I think it is so beautiful, and it says so much.

This evening I am going to watch the movie Julie and Julia! Jon and Sandy told me that it was great! Tone passed on watching it with me tonight, because he has way too much farming to do. He told me that he has to harvest, plow, and plant new seeds before nine o'clock, and then he has to go to bed. 

Y'all have a great evening! 


Simply Cindy Lou said...

Gooie was a very active and playful guy even at his age. I really enjoyed meeting him. You can tell that he was spoiled and loved.

DY_Goddess said...

What a beautiful memorial, they did a very fine job indeed.

cousin nancy said...

Thank y'all.