Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've Also Got Ben Here For Back Up!

Because of Tony I had the hardest time this morning doing my six mile walk inside the trailer with Leslie Sansone, because I was laughing so hard! Right before I made the two mile mark, Mama and Abbie started barking, which always means something is going on outside and we need to check it out.

I was doing knee lifts when I looked out the window to see Tone run by, the outside of our front yard, like he was chasing something! A minute later Tony came inside the trailer and he was out of breath, "Princess dug out, again and she won't let me catch her like she usually does! She's turned it into a game, now!" Then Mama and Abbie started barking, again. We looked out the front window and watched Princess do a run by. She looked like she was laughing and having a really great time! I loved it!

For the next two miles, as I kicked and stomped with Leslie in the big room and the kitchen, Tony and Princess kept running back and forth in front of the trailer! And, every time that they would run past the window it would cause me to laugh even harder.

By the time I finished my six laughing miles, my back was hurting from laughing so much, and Princess was finally back in her pen thank goodness!

While Lisa and Matt walked our dogs, and Ben placed (h)uge rocks around the outside of Princess and Marlin's pen to hopefully keep them in, I cooked lunch for Tony, Ben and me, and that is when I decided to try to make Julia Child's recipe "Potage Veloute Aux Champignons" (Cream of Mushroom Soup) on page forty in her book, for tomorrow's lunch, because it seems to be one of Julia's less complicated recipes, and I already have most of the ingredients, and I've also got Ben here for back up if I need his help!

This afternoon after lunch Tony and I took Julia Child to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic to get her shots and to get her spayed, because no one in Medina has claimed her. I guess she was dumped. Then we swung by H.E.B. to buy several fifty pound sacks of dog food for our rescued dogs, because our source for free dog food that we used to get has seemed to have dried up, and is no longer available because of the economy.

I went over to the Lodge to see Kinky around four o'clock and I had a fun visit with him and Copper Love, the talented artist who beautifully illustrated Kinky's latest book Heroes of A Texas Childhood!

Y'all have a great evening and please wish me luck with my first and probably last Julia Child recipe! I might get Tony or Ben to make a short video clip of me preparing it.


Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, I have spent all day trying to think of what that running back and forth tale of yours reminded me of and it has FINALLY come to me.

Years ago a friend of mine's folks had a 'pet' javelina. Sometimes she would get the idea to run too. Mind you she was an INDOOR javelina.

One day an illegal alien came to the door looking for work. My friend opened the wooden front door and came outside, but the screen door shut behind him. The Mexican man was about to open his mouth when the pet javelina ran past the screen door with a long stemmed rose in her mouth. She was closely followed by my friend's mom, wielding a broom and trying to get the javelina to drop the rose, which was one of a dozen in a vase. My friend turned to see why the Mexican man was staring at the screen door. He saw the javelina - rose still clamped in her jaws - run past in the OTHER direction, with his mom in hot pursuit with that broom. My friend took a few seconds to look and then turned back to the Mexican man. He was G-O-N-E, never to be seen again.

And who could blame him? Would you want to work for people that chased javelinas with roses in their mouths INSIDE THEIR HOME?

True story and it happened in MEDINA.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! Your story is hilarious! Thank you for the comment!