Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh My Back!

This morning when I got up my back was aching, but thank goodness it hadn't gone out on me! And, Tony didn't go to Medina this morning because his back was aching, too. Thank goodness today has been a quiet day at the rescue ranch.

My good friends Mark & Denise Stevens, and their precious dog 'Tater Catfish Stevens,' sent me an hilarious youtube video clip to watch of Tennesseee Ernie Ford! Even though my back hurt everytime that I laughed, I watched it four times! The little boy sitting next to Ernie on the left is the kid to watch!
Enjoy! Tennessee Ernie Ford Show It's a short video clip.

I think I enjoyed the kid so much, because it reminded me so much of my older brother Ronnie. Growing up he was one of the biggest hams and clowns. He'd do anything for a laugh.  I'm sure the kid will remind you of someone you knew, too.

Y'all have a great evening!


Roger said...

That is funny, that kid is just killin' Tennessee Ernie, what a ham!

cousin nancy said...

I know Roger, I love it!

Linda T said...

Funny! Thanks for posting it, Nancy.