Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blue Moon Over Kentucky, Texas, Kansas Etc.!

My day started out great today! This morning I walked six miles with Leslie Sansone and Lisa came out with her friends Matt, Blair and John and they walked our dogs all morning and our dogs loved it! I can't believe that we are so lucky to have found these wonderful dedicated people, along with June, Ellen, Eileen and Jim! Kinky, Tony and I cannot thank them enough! They are who make our rescue ranch great!

After lunch, Buttermilk took Tone and me to Kerrville to run a few errands. Our first stop was at Pet Supplies Plus, because we needed to buy some new pooper-scoopers. Susan, the store's friendly manager, helped us find what we needed, and then she donated over two hundred and fifty pounds of premium dog food to us! Thank you, Susan and Pet Supplies Plus, we can really use it since our free supply of dog food dried up months ago, because of the economy!

Our next stop was at Wolfmueller's Books, so we could drop off a paperback copy of Kinky's book, Greenwich Killing Time, so our friend Ridge, who is laid up in the hospital because he broke his leg, could read it. Unfortunately, Sandy and Jon weren't there, but we had a nice visit with Mary Jo Brandon, who was holding down the fort for them.

After getting groceries at H.E.B. Buttermilk took us home. After putting up the groceries, I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky. When I arrived Kinky was in the middle of doing a telephone interview, so I visited with Frank as I waited for Kink to get off of the phone. Then the three of us had a fun visit in the kitchen. Then I came home and started getting a little depressed. It drove Tone crazy, because I couldn't explain why I was feeling blue.

When the weatherman on the six o'clock local news channel said, "FYI: Tonight we are having a Blue Moon, which means that for the second time this month we are having another full moon." I realized why I was feeling down. "Tone!" I half-hollered down the hallway. "I know why I am feeling blue! It's because of the Blue Moon and Mercury in retrograde!"

"Okay," Tone softly yelled back. "Are you going to write a blog tonight?"

"Nope! I am still sort of down!"

"Turn on your salt lamp!" I took T.'s advice and turned it on, then I cranked up the iPod and sat down at the kitchen table and checked my e-mail. Before I got to my e-mail, Yahoo had an astrology advertisement to check out for free, so I checked it out and I am so glad that I did. OMG! It was so right on, and it even gave me goose bumps!

Basically it said in their 2010 overview that now is the time that I should write a book! A time to relax and enjoy life, to express my creativity and exhilarating enthusiasm! Talk about making me feel good! Then when I read their numerology deal I really perked up! This is what it said:

"During 2010, concentrate on opportunities for creativity. This is a good period for self-improvement, not only in terms of your creative talents, but through any intuitive or inspirational ideas you're thinking about. If you have a special dream, 2010 may be the perfect time to develop it. If you have a knack with words, make special use of that talent at this time. (You may even want to try some acting, writing or singing, possibly just for the fun of it.) Some of the projects begun during the last few years may be blossoming now."

I am now back on track, even though the full blue moon has the rescue ranch lit up like an amusement park outside. I can't wait for the new year! Happy New Year! May it be the best year for all of us and every dog and cat!

P.S. Tomorrow I may not blog because every New Year's Eve, Tone and I always watch the movie Lonesome Dove and then go to bed early.

Y'all have a great evening! Good night, I'm going to bed early because I am doing the Harley Show in the morning at 7:45.


DY_Goddess said...

Happy New Year to you Nancy! I hope this year brings you, Tony, Kinky and all of the wonderful people at the Ranch, two-, three- and four-legged, much prosperity, happiness and much success in whatever you do.
Fay xoxo

Anonymous said...

bless you and yours...