Monday, February 1, 2010

Peace and Quiet!

Today has been a quiet day and I am not complaining about it because I needed it. This morning after I walked eight miles I pulled the calendar off of the wall and added up how many miles I had walked in January just to make sure that I had walked 158 miles with Leslie Sansone. When I re-added the numbers I was right on the money. I have walked 158 miles, which is three miles more than the required 155 miles needed to walk the 31 days in January at 5 miles per day!

I am trying to stay ahead of the required miles, so I can take a day off  here and there without falling below the number. I just calculated the required miles that I have to walk in February and the number is only 140 miles and I have already walked off eight of them today! Yeah!

Unfortunately, this is about the only news that I have to tell you about today. Like I said earlier it has been a quiet and restful day at the rescue ranch and I plan on going to bed early. Before signing off, I want to thank our dedicated volunteers: Lisa, Matt and Meghan for coming out this morning to help Tony with his chores and to walk our dogs.

Y'all have a great evening!

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