Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've had the best Valentine's Day! This morning Tony didn't go to Medina like he usually does because he had a surprise for me. When I woke up and came into the kitchen he handed me a Valentine's card  and then he hugged me and gave me a kiss. "Happy Valentine's Day, Nance. I have already fed our dogs and Lucky, and the dogs outside. I want you to get dressed so I can take you out to breakfast at the Save Inn."

When we arrived at Randy and Lisa's Save Inn Restaurant their parking lot was nearly filled up with cars and pickups. When we walked inside we sat down at the table that we always sit at and our sweet waitress immediately served me iced tea and coffee for T. then from memory she asked me if I wanted their Sinker Omelet and then she asked Tone if he wanted two eggs sunny-side up with one pancake and bacon. We nodded our heads and she took off for the kitchen.

Our breakfast was delicious. As we were about to leave I spotted Lisa and Randy eating at a nearby table so went over to their table and had a short visit with them.

When we got back to the rescue ranch Kinky called. He told me that last night he had met a group of ten very nice women along with their ten daughters at the Cowboy Steak House and they were coming out to take a tour of the rescue ranch this morning and he was anxious for them to meet Tone and me.

Well, Kinky lied to me. Only three women showed up with their three sweet daughters and they told us that the others wanted to come out but they needed to get back to Houston. Then Kinky arrived and we gave them a tour while Tony finished cleaning the dog pens. We had a nice visit with them as we introduced our dogs to them.

After the tour we went over to the Lodge so they could see the Lodge and get to take pictures with him. Tony was the appointed photographer and he shot them three times. As they drove away Kinky, T. and I agreed that they were very nice people. Then Tony and I returned to the rescue ranch.

This afternoon after lunch Tony went outside to take nature pictures while I worked on my book. It's been a great day except for one thing—I didn't walk with Leslie so tomorrow I plan to walk eight miles.

Y'all have a great evening

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Roger said...

Mary Tracy and I found a really nice home for a cat named "Cat". She has been in my garage for a few weeks, was in a house that a murder, suicide took place. Some friends of Tracy's were in from St Louis Mo., she brought them over to meet "Cat", they said, we will be back around five to get her. They showed up with a new pet taxi, blanket and toys, "Cats" litter mate is still in the house where this happened, they told us to give them a call when we find the other cat. We are in Wichita kansas and these folks are in St. Louis, and they are willing to make the trip back for a cat they have never seen........what more could I ask for? Great people