Friday, February 5, 2010

And The Thunder Rolls!

Tonight's blog is going to be short because I am worn out. This morning at ten o'clock Tony and I went to the Apple Store in San Antonio for our 11:15 appointments to get our computers tweaked. I love Apple's stores because everyone there is helpful, happy and always smiling.

Tone and I arrived at the store two minutes before our assigned appointments and two hours later we left the La Cantera Apple Store wearing big smiles on our faces—we were satisfied customers but hungry so we went to a Mexican food place for a late lunch. The food was okay but not good enough to recommend so I will leave it at that.

Our drive home seemed to take a lot longer than usual because Tone developed a gas problem halfway home and by the time we made it to Bandera we agreed to just leave the windows rolled down for the last twenty-two miles.

When we got back to the rescue ranch at three-thirty, Ben was at the barn so we stopped and visited with him for twenty minutes, then we decided to go up to the trailer to continue our visit after T. and him unloaded some donated dog food.

When I came inside the trailer Carlton was flashing! I had three new phone calls so I got a glass of water and pushed the play button. The first call was from a friend. The second call was from a woman robot at Tracfone trying to talk me into buying more minutes but I ignored her message because I hate talking on the phone. The last message I listened to was urgent and about a young, sweet Pit Bull named Stubbs, who was scheduled for euthanasia tomorrow in Austin. I immediately picked up the phone and punched in Teresa's phone number and got her on the second ring.

Teresa is a long distance friend of ours who has greatly helped our rescue ranch over the years and she lives in Los Angeles and she and her friend Jack, a renowned Pit Bull rescuer, needed our help to try and save Stubbs life before tomorrow.

After Teresa told me about Stubbs serious life and death situation, she put Jack and me on a conference call with her and we discussed what needed to be done. After we made a plan we ended our conversation and then I began one with Tony and Ben and told them about Stubbs. They were all for saving Stubbs! Then Ben suggested that I call Alison Furst first. She is our good friend in Austin...

To Be Continued...(Sorry, Mari. It has been a very long day for me and I am pooped and now it is my turn to be the gaseous one. I'm embarrased about it and Tony thinks it is funny. He just called me "thunder britches" and told me to quit blaming it on Thunder.)

Y'all have a great evening!

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