Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This morning after walking eight miles I got a phone call that made my day. Michael, the nice man who came out and adopted Bonnie Raitt last week called to tell me that he is madly in love with Bonnie! And he thinks that she is the sweetest, smartest and the cutest little dog that he has ever had and they are now the best of buddies! As soon as I hung up the phone I went outside and told Tony the good news. I wanted to tell Lisa, Matt and Meghan too, but they were out walking our dogs.

After an early lunch Tone and I decided to go to Kerrville so we could swing by Wolfmueller's Books so I could purchase a copy of my book for David Woo, the outstanding photographer for the Dallas Morning News, cast our votes early in the Primary, and to buy some dog food at Walmart and that's when things got interesting.

On our drive in we passed a church that had a big sign that read: "Happy Hour Every Wednesday Night!" and it made me laugh out loud. "What's so funny, Nance?" T. asked.

"That church sign we just passed that said "Happy Hour Every Wednesday Night!" I said. "I'm surprised  that it didn't say it was B.Y.O.B.—Bring Your Own Bible." Then I asked Tony for a couple of sticks of Juicy Fruit chewing gum. After he gave them to me I said, "Tone, did you know that it is an old wives tale about swallowing gum. I saw a show on TV and they said swallowing chewing gum does not hurt you and it digests just like any other food." Then I swallowed my gum and asked him for another stick of gum.

I wish that you could have seen the look on T.'s face when he realized that I had just swallowed my gum. "I can't believe that you just swallowed that gum! Nancy, that is horrible. You should never swallow gum and don't blog about it..." Then he reluctantly gave me one more stick of his Juicy Fruit gum and I smacked away.

When we arrived at Wolfmueller's Books I intentionally swallowed the stick of gum in front of Tony before getting out of Buttermilk and he gave me a disgusting look before we walked inside the bookstore. After we were greeted by Sandy I told her about Tone's and my little disagreement over swallowing gum and she backed me up! "I swallow gum sometimes but not all of the time. It is no big deal."

When the customer that Jon was helping at the counter left the store I asked him if he ever swallowed gum and he backed T. up. "No. Never." Tony was so happy to hear Jon's words I thought that he was going to go behind the counter and give Jon a big bear hug.

Before leaving their fabulous bookstore we told them that we were fixin' to go vote over at the Court House. They told us that that was not the place this year to vote early. When we arrived at the center for the performing arts we realized that Sandy and Jon were mistaken about it being the place to vote at because there were no voting signs welcoming us and the parking lot was totally empty. So we went over to the Court House to see if we could cast our votes there.

When we walked inside the side door we quickly found out from a custodian that the Wolfmuellers were right about not getting to vote at the Court House, so we gave up on our quest to vote early today and we drove over to Walmart to buy some dog food. Then we came home.

Y'all have a great evening!

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