Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Because I Am!

Last night I made a really big mistake that has cost me. After I had posted my blog last night I decided to watch  Slumdog Millionaire. The more I watched the movie the more depressed I got so I turned it off after only watching it for thirty minutes. I kept thinking it was going to get better but the violence and torture scenes were just too much for me to continue on.

I couldn't get the sad and sick images out of my mind so I tried watching a rerun of Newhart hoping that it would make me laugh, but those images wouldn't go away. I was so mad at myself for not turning the movie off the minute the violence began but it was too late.

I cannot stand violence of any kind because it literally makes me sick and depresses me and I do not think it is healthy or good for the soul and that is why I only watch romance or comedy movies because they make me happy. Okay, I am not going to get on a soapbox now, so enough said.

I went to bed before nine o'clock since my evening was ruined but unfortunately I didn't get much sleep. When I woke up this morning I was tired and depressed because the scenes from the movie kept jumping back into my head so I decided to do something about it—I walked eight miles. And after that as I caught up on some paperwork I listened to my music which really seemed to help cheer me up. It always does.

It is now a little after four-thirty and I am fine and nearly back to normal—thank goodness. It is raining outside and my dogs and Lucky are asleep in the chairs as my favorite music fills the trailer and I sit here at the kitchen table and realize how grateful and lucky that I am for everything that I have.

I love my twenty-seven year old trailer, my fifty-five year old husband, Tony, my family which includes Kinky and Ben even though we are not actually related, all of my pets, my job, my iPods, my Bose iDock, the Hazels, the Space Ship, my writing cabin, Outer Space, the guitar that Ronnie custom built for me which is autographed by Willie Nelson and Billy Joe Shaver, my Apple laptop, my cameras and I love all of the many friends that I have that are too many to count here. I am so lucky to have it all.

Y'all have a great evening because I am!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cousin Nancy! You are not alone. I don't go to the movies much because there is too much violence, sex, and foul language. I don't consider that entertainment. If I see something like that, I'm just like you. It stays on my mind for days and I can't sleep either. Give me the Carol Burnett or Lucy show. There's too much sadness and seriousness in everyday life. We need some laughter. If I'm going to get wrinkles why not make them laugh lines instead of sad lines. I'm so glad you're feeling better, Cousin Nancy. Take care!

Roger said...

We got through that movie and, I guess as an old tool and die maker I was amazed at what they made out of [what would be to us] nothing. If we took them to our landfill, it would be like shopping at Lowes to them. Just going across the border to Mexico is a gut wrenching experience. I made the mistake of throwing five or six dollars worth of change to the people begging for money as we walked over the Rio Grande bridge, we had about twenty people following us wanting more money..I can't blame them, under those conditions I would be doing the same thing. I will never forget that, I didn't realize how bad these people had it when we threw all our change to them, then I spent the rest of the time feeling like a total prick with this group following us and knowing we really can't help them, the really stupid move would be to give more money.... Anyhow, I went to the Humane Society today and gave the dogs six pounds of peanut butter, and told the staff about your new book and that Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee in there.

kozzymom said...

Nancy, another thing to be happy about is all of the little fur friends you have. You, Tony and Kinky are doing a wonderful thing. Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee are in good hands!

DY_Goddess said...

Awww... we love you too Nance. Cuz you're so lovable.
Fay xoxo