Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who Is Kathy? Rump-A-Pump-Pum!

Today has been fun and a little exciting. This morning at seven-forty-five when I called in to do "The Harley Show" Harley had me laughing from the get-go! After we talked about Marlin, Harley's Pet of the Week, we talked about my upcoming book and then he teased me about my blog. "Cousin Nancy, the other day I went over to Wolfmueller's Books to visit with Sandy and Jon. Sandy told me that she is scared to talk to you because you blog about everything they say." Then Harley started laughing and so did I.

"That's not totally true, Harley. If I blogged about everything that we talked about in Wolfmueller's my blog would be a heck of a lot more interesting..." Ten minutes after the show Tony came home and we drank our healthy breakfast smoothies.

When the kitchen was cleaned up I walked another eight miles then I checked my e-mail. After deleting four or five spams I clicked on Mari's note and she made me laugh out loud because last week I had sent her an e-mail asking her if she and the NoMads were going to take the drum class with me and my friends and this was her short, but sweet response: 

"You keep bringing up that drum class, and I keep ignoring that. All the NoMads responded with “A DRUM class????” when polled. We decided to side with Tony. I’ll do the class vicariously thru your blog when I’m not too tired from walking 8 miles with Leslie daily via your blog. Mari"

When I told Tony about Mari and the Nomads siding with him he laughed then he went outside to work. While Tony and our great volunteers: Lisa, Matt, Meghan and Don helped Tony with his chores outside I answered the rest of my e-mails and then I returned several phone calls. 

Around eleven o'clock Tone and Ben came inside to drink some coffee with me and that's when it got a little exciting. First off Tony asked me for the Apple Store's phone number then he left the room and went back into his office. A couple of minutes later he returned to the big room. "I've got an appointment at the Apple Store at eleven o'clock tomorrow morning." Then he asked Ben if he would mind running the rescue ranch tomorrow morning while we were gone to San Antonio. Ben told him that he had no problem with it but I did.

"Tone, did you make an appointment for me, too?" I asked. T. shook his head no and told me that he had forgotten to. Ben and Tony laughed as I phoned the Apple Store and made an appointment for my computer. Then the phone rang and I let Carlton take the call because we were still laughing about it.

"Hello Cousin Nancy. This is Kathy. I just checked on your drum class and it has been cancelled because not enough people have signed up for it. I called a few music stores and found out that you can take private drum lessons at these two places..."

"Who is Kathy?" Ben asked as he examined my lavender drum pad and pink drumsticks while trying not to laugh.

"I have no idea!" I said with an upside down smile on my face. "This is terrible news. I can't believe that my drum class has been cancelled." Then I found my Club Ed class catalog and asked Ben to give me their telephone number so I could make sure the drum class was cancelled.

"830- 896-2..." Ben said, as I punched in the numbers. The phone rang and rang but no one answered it I thought that it was odd so I hung up. 

"There was no answer," I said, and then Ben started laughing and told me that he had made up the phone number. While he and T. chuckled I found the phone number and punched it in and then hung up the phone. "I got their fax machine." While I looked for the business number Ben and Tony teased me some more. When I finally found the correct phone number and punched it in a nice woman answered the phone and asked me how she could help me. "This is Cousin Nancy. A woman just called me and told me that y'all have cancelled the drum course for beginners because not enough people have signed up for the class. I have three friends who have already signed up and they are going to take the class with me. Lisa, Sara and Donna "The Drummer" Schloss, and I just found out this morning that Mari and the NoMads aren't taking the class because they are siding with Tony. Has it really been cancelled?"

"I don't think so but let me check." A few seconds later the nice woman said, "No the drum class has not been cancelled. Only you and Donna "The Drummer" Schloss have signed up for the class so far. That's too bad about Mari and the NoMads not taking the class. Who is Tony and who told you it had been cancelled?"

"Tony is my husband and a woman named Kathy told me about the cancellation, and I have no idea who she is..." While I told the woman about Kathy's phone call Tony and Ben were laughing out loud and I am sure that the woman could hear them in the background. After I thanked the woman for her help I said good-bye to her then I called Hoegemeyer's Animal Clinic because I needed to let them know that a man was coming by the clinic to possibly adopt Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt.

"Hoegemeyer's Animal Clinic. Can I help you?" I was surprised to hear a man's voice because I am so used to talking to Susan, Stacie or Kathy.

"Craig, is that you?" I asked. "This is Cousin Nancy." Dr. Craig Janssen started laughing and he asked me how I was doing. 

After I told him about the possible adoptions and how I was doing Craig said, "Cousin Nancy, this is weird but the other day I was in a store and a friend came up to me and she told me that she had heard about me playing a joke on you and ramming your grocery cart at H.E.B. and several other people have come into the clinic and also told me about it. How did they know about it?" I started laughing.

"Craig, you're famous. I wrote about it in my blog and..." Craig and I had a good laugh about it and then we said our good-byes to each other. Then Kinky called me.

Y'all have a great evening!


Roger said...

I think Tony, Ben and possibly Kinky know who "Kathy" is......just a guess, probably wrong, sounds like they were getting a good laugh, and Ben asking "who is Kathy"....

Anonymous said...

sounds like kathy doesn't read the blog :)