Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Hummster!

Today has been fairly quiet. This morning after I walked six miles I gave a nice couple from Austin a tour of the rescue ranch. After lunch our volunteers Timmy and Chrissy came out to walk our dogs. Other than that not much else happened until Kinky called me late this afternoon.

"Nance, what are you and Tone doing?" Kinky asked. When I told him nothing he invited us to come over to shoot a few games of pool with him since he is leaving tomorrow and will be gone for ten days.

Ten minutes later Tony and I were in his kitchen visiting with him. "Kinky, let's start the pool tournament. Do you want to play a game of pool with me first?" I asked. "The winner can then play Tony for the championship." Kinky smiled, looked at T. and then said yes.

I was the first to sink a ball. Then the Hummingbird Man ran the table. Near the end of the fast game I had two balls left on the table and the Hummster had none left but the eight ball. The Hummingbird Man -1 and Cousin Nancy - 0.

The next game was a lot more exciting and interesting. The Medina Bulldog ran the table first—sinking half of his balls, then the Hummingbird Man ran the table and sank half of his striped colored balls. Near the end of the game it was one to one. Then the Hummingbird Man made an incredible shot and then he sunk the eight ball. The Hummingbird Man -1 and  The Medina Bulldog -0.

Kinky loved that he had won of course and he teased us about having to wait ten days until he returned to try to win back the championship.

Y'all have a great evening!

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