Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching!

Today has been great! This morning Lisa, Meghan and Don came out to help Tony with his chores and to walk our dogs while I walked six more miles and then cleaned up the trailer. Around one o'clock we had some visitors come out for a tour of the ranch and I enjoyed meeting Katrina and her father, Ed. They are good people.

After they left the rescue ranch Tony and I ate lunch and then we went to Kerrville because we had to go to Walmart for some supplies. On our way home I called Carol & James to see if we could come by for a short visit, which of course turned out to be a long visit because we were having so much fun with them.

The four of us talked non-stop about cameras, photography, computers, the rescue ranch, their super horses, James' Sharper Image weather station that has a remote Caller ID and eBay. Turns out I learned a whole lot about eBay from James & Carol and I can't wait to start selling my stuff on eBay. It sounds like fun and it could be possibly prosperous!

After James told us about his cool weather station, I told Tone that I wanted one for Valentines then we gathered around James computer and watched a few videos of Carol training her horse, Maya, in the corral.

Carol and Maya are an amazing team to watch and James remarks that he made while he was video tapping them from his saddle were so sweet and hilarious! He'd say things like, "Carol is so beautiful. I am so lucky. I love... Dang-it Drifter stop it! Scoot over, boy!" Then the camera would drop down for a second on Drifter's neck and mane and then come back up to Carol and Maya working together in the corral. They were magic together! And I'm talking about Carol and Maya, and Carol and James.

When we left, Tony couldn't wait to get home so he could go online to buy a Sharper Image weather station like James has, for my Valentines present, and I couldn't wait to get home so I could start gathering things to sell on eBay.

I started with our closet first. And I now have a pile half as tall as me blocking our bathroom entrance.  When Tone saw my pile-of-possible-money he said, "Nance, can I move your pile? I need to get in there to brush my teeth."

Now that pile of "priceless" Cousin Nancy things is stacked up right behind me in the kitchen, as I sit at the kitchen table typing this. I just turned around to look at it, and I just hollered to Tone in the bedroom, "Good night, T.!  I've just named this mound-of-money in the kitchen, "Cousin Nancy's First Pyramid of Pennies." Tony said nothing and he just turned out the bedroom light.

I think that I am going to go to bed now, but instead of counting sheep tonight like I usually do, I am going to count all of the possible things that I can sell on eBay so I can print more books. Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

Y'all have a great evening!

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