Saturday, February 27, 2010


My good friend Rick, the friendly lighthouse keeper, sent me this funny story and I want to share it with y'all"

Rick wrote:
"Just watched the video—
A friend went to this music festival and bought this monster tent that sprang to life with just a shake and a toss. He takes it out of the box and throws the box in the campfire—says "Stand back and watch this." He tosses this bundle in the air and poof down comes a three-room tent. Hmmmmmm campfire and box with directions—bad move. Three days later after the festival and it's time to go home. Well here's ol' Barry with a large crowd gathering and this thing is whipping his "you know what!" There were times the dang thing would seem to spring to life and swallow him. This went on for about an hour or so and finally he picked the dang thing up, walked to the riverbank and gave 'er a toss. Watched it float slowly down the Brazos. He claimed you had to be a ninja to get it back in the box.

This is the e-mail that I shot back to him:
Hi, Rick! That is hilarious and I cannot wait to show your note to Tony! Seriously, we had to watch the video three times! When you and Leisa come up here we will open it up in our kitchen again and have a  break-down contest. We can use my stopwatch to time us and the winner will be the one with the fastest time.


Mari of the NoMads said...

David and I recommend that you put the following information on a label and SEW IT IN to Tony's new photography blind:

REWARD for return! Then add your contact information.

We suspect Tony's blind is most capable of going airborne in these hill country winds and you'll surely want the finder to return it!

We'll keep an 'eye to the sky' even HERE when the blustery wind is out of the southeast - so we can try to snag Tony's blind for ya as it passes overhead!

Meanwhile, we can't WAIT until all the reports of a "UFO with plastic leaves on it" start hitting the media!

cousin nancy said...

Hi, Mari and David! Thank you for making me laugh out loud and wanting to help snag Tone's mobile photo-booth in case it gets airborne! Have a great Sunday! And please wish me luck at my Beginner's Drumming course tomorrow!

Mari of the NoMads said...

I personally can't WAIT for you to have that drumming down pat. Then you can go back and add a suspense-filled drumROLL to the video of Tony opening that camouflaged photography blind up in your KITCHEN!

(Did I mention that we're taking bets as to whether doing that - inside your home and all - will make one of Jeff Foxworthy's You Might Be a Redneck routines?)

Gotta say this particular blogspot subject sure left us laughing (and also building a photography blind snatching sky hook)!

cousin nancy said...

Good morning, Mari and David! I am so nervous about my drum class today because the lessons that I have been taking online have not been much help.

Yesterday, I finished decorating my drum sticks after Tony drilled two small holes at the end of them so I could attach the pink feathers. I also added a pink bow to my lavender colored drum pad. Even though I will not be the best drummer today, I am sure that I will have the prettiest sticks in the class and that has to count for something.

Thank you for the comment.

Mari of the NoMads said...

By now your class is history and you are drumming more than your fingers! What a brave person you are to take that course! I am one of those who is glad I can live my life vicariously through you - WHEW!

Ok, can you stand another comment about things that pop up?

I got this email from a friend in Midland:

"I "won" one of those dog crates that is like that. I never could (even reading the instructions) figure out how to get it folded up again. It went in the trash."

To sum, Rick's friend couldn't deflate his tent; my friend couldn't deflate her dog crate; but YOU and TONY successfully deflated that blind!

You two sure rank "up there" with the best of 'em when it comes to 'fixes' - from Witch Hazel to photography blinds!

Sim salla bim, sahibs!You continue to rise ever higher in my estimation and it's a pleasure to know you both!

cousin nancy said...

Hi, Mari! I just got back from my drum lesson and you should have been there. I had a blast and I can actually drum!

After reading your sweet note I don't know if I should go online and look for a portable pedestal for me to stand on because of your kind remarks or realize that you are very easily impressed. Thank you for the comment.

P.S If you don't stop with the praise I'm scared that I will get a bigger head than David had last year after the Riders In The Sky concert.