Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Bucket List Contest!

Today has been quiet and I want to thank Lisa and Matt for coming out to help Tony with his chores and walking our dogs. I walked six miles even though I really didn't really want to because I was tired, but I am glad that I did.

I spent this morning on the phone and my ear was aching after I finished up with all of my phone calls. As you already know I can't stand talking on the phone because I am hard of hearing and I have a hard time hearing what the people are "whispering" to me.

Later in the morning after I had taken care of all of my business I went online to enter the Texas Monthly Cover Contest for their "Bucket List" issue for April. After I had entered my first picture I half-hollered down the hallway for Tone to join me because his nature pictures are so awesome. In no time flat we were in the "big room" uploading and writing captions for our pictures. I hope that one of us wins!

I'm fixin' to watch the movie "Angels and Demons" with Tone starring Tom Hanks and I hope that it doesn't depress me. Here are a couple of the Texas Monthly uploads that I made today.

Y'all have a great evening!

This is a picture that I took on our trip to Port Aransas back in October. I titled it "Relax Often."

This one is of  Mama who we rescued eight years ago, who lives with us. Tone took this picture of her resting on our front porch. The caption that I used for it was "I Will Only Adopt A Dog From A Shelter.

This is a picture I took of my sister Cindy and her husband, Ray, sitting on the dock at the island that came with a lighthouse and our good friends Rick and Leisa. I titled it "Must Visit the Coast More Often."

And this one I took of Kinky visiting and feeding Little Jewford. I titled it "Always Give A Handout When You Can."

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