Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Sandy Wolfmueller!

This morning I got up early and did The Harley Show. And as usual Harley had me laughing within thirty seconds. His Pet of the Week was Hank Hill and I told the story of his rescue. Even though I tried to do a shorter Reader's Digest version of it I ended up doing a lot more talking than usual.

During breakfast Tony told me that he was worried my plants outside might have died because of the temperatures dropping below freezing last night. I got depressed with his news because the weatherman had said it was not going to freeze until Tuesday. I got over my plant disaster pretty quickly when I realized that we would just go to The Plant Haus and buy some new ones. I'm going to wait until the middle of April before going to Karen's store to buy new plants.

This morning after walking eight more miles Jon Wolfmueller called to tell me that my books had come in. So this afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville to pick up my books because I wanted to send signed copies to David Woo, the professional photographer at the Dallas Morning News and to Gina, Minda and Craig at Republic Harley Davidson in Stafford, Texas.

When we walked into Wolfmueller's Books Sandy, Kathleen, Laura and Jon were laughing as they stood near the front counter. Then I heard Kathleen say, "Happy Birthday, Sandy." I was embarrassed that I had forgotten Sandy's birthday so I faked it and pretended that I knew about it.

"Happy Birthday, Sandy! We came to wish you a happy birthday and to pick up my books." I think Sandy fell for it but I am not totally sure. After a short visit Sandy and Kathleen left the store and we visited with Jon and Laura.

Somewhere in our conversation Jon invited me behind the counter to show me the dates and where Kinky was going to be performing this upcoming week. Then he went online to CNN to show me about the plane crash in Austin that we had not heard about. Then Sandy and Kathleen reappeared in the bookstore.

I am not sure who started it but we started telling funny stories about our mothers-in-law. Then it turned into a contest of who could tell the funniest stories. Within two minutes my back started aching because I was laughing so hard. Fortunately the stories stopped when some customers walked into the store and that is when T. and I left their bookstore.

While Tony filled up Buttermilk at the H.E.B. gas pumps, I filled up a grocery cart inside the store. When I was half done filling my basket-on-wheels or about thirty-two dollars worth, I had a head-on collision with David Farrar, our good friend at the Trails End Guest House because he intentionally rammed his cart into mine. When I realized it was David I started laughing as all of these rubber-neckers stared at us in disbelief. Then Desiree walked up and the three of us caught up with each other's news.

When I walked up to Buttermilk Tony got out of the car and started loading our groceries. "What took you so long, Nance. I've been sitting out here for twenty-five minutes." By the time our groceries were loaded I was done telling T. about my fun visit with Desiree and David. Then we went to the Post Office and came home.

I am fixin' to watch the funny movie "Four Christmases" starring Vince Vaugh and Reese Witherspoon but before I do I want to sing Happy Birthday to Sandy Wolfmueller. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday Dear Sandy. Happy Birthday to YOU! And many more!

P.S. Get well, Lisa. We miss you!

Y'all have a great evening!


Roger said...

That Hank Hill sure is a good lookin little guy. It's really hard to make a rescue story like Hanks short, too much real life dog people usually prefer the long detailed version anyway. Wish we could get that show here in Wichita!

Anonymous said...

nance, show roger where the link is for the harley show. it took me forever to know about it.