Monday, May 31, 2010

Best Memorial Day Ever!

Today has been the best Memorial Day ever! This morning around nine o'clock our friend Eileen Gotke and one of our great volunteers, showed up with her friend Susan Weeks to officially adopt Callie Dean Gotke (formerly Rita Coolidge)! And we were all excited about it!

While I was having a fun visit with Eileen and Susan at the the barn more of our friends/volunteers showed up to work. It was Lisa, Matt and Meghann! After introducing everyone Team L&M took off to  clean pens. Then Eileen showed us the new stuffed toy she had bought for Callie and then she showed off Callie Dean's new, pretty harness and leash. We're talkin' spoiling.

"You're acting like a proud new mama, Eileen," I teased. "Callie is going to love them and I want you to know that you have just made this the best Memorial Day ever for Tone and me, because you are adopting C.D.! Thank you, so much." Then the three of us went over to Callie's and Princess Leia's puppy pen to find Tony inside it—playing with the little Puppettes.

When Eileen saw Cal-Cal she immediately went into the pup-pen to play with her. When she put Callie's harness on Callie, Tony held the little princess in his arms.

While Eileen  cooed and baby-talked to her beautiful fur-covered daughter, Susan and I had a fun conversation outside of the pen. I knew that I already liked Susan before she even told me that she loved reading my new book that Eileen had given to her. I love it when people tell me that because it reassures me as a writer and it strokes my ego at the same time. It felt good. Thank you, Susan.

After Susan told me that she was an active volunteer for the Medina Library she invited me to be a guest speaker about our rescue ranch to some children this summer for their children's summer program and I was  delighted to be asked, so I told Susan that I would love to do it. Then Tony handed me Callie's crate over the fence so he could put it in Eileen's car while we took Callie for a walk.

During our fun walk around the ranch I talked way too much as always. Hey, what's new? Eileen came in second place for talking a lot, because she couldn't quit bragging about how smart her cute, little girl was and how she planned to raise her. "She's definitely going to obedience school and..." And bless Susan, because she hardly got a word in edgewise and for also not running away from us white haired, crazed, wannabe senior chatty-cathies.

When we returned to the rescue ranch Eileen bragged about how good Callie had been on the leash as she carefully put Callie into her crate and I had to agree with her. Then Lisa walked up holding Princess Leia in her arms. "I think they want to say goodbye to each other," Lisa said. And I almost teared up as the pups said their farewells to each other. It was so sweet.

After Eileen drove away with precious cargo riding in her back seat, Susan and I visited a little longer then she said goodbye to us and left. Then I got to have a short visit with Matt and Meghann at the barn. "Thank y'all so much for coming out today. I have missed y'all so much!' Fortunately, the feelings were mutual and that made me feel good, again. After we caught up with each others news they took off to return Princess Leia to her puppy pen, so I went and found Lisa. She was cleaning Wolf and Cookies pen—the last pen that needed to be cleaned.

After we hugged each other and told each other how much we had missed each other we had a heart-to-heart talk which I can't tell you about. We talked about her family, her job that she loves and Mark in Mississsippi and the rest is private if you get my drift.  : )  All I can say is, "Mark in Mississippi—You Really Rock! And Tony and I cannot wait to meet you!"

After lunch Buttermilk took Tone and me to Kerrville to run a few errands. Our first stop was at Walmart and we ran into Lisa of Randy's and Lisa's Save Inn Restaurant at the checkout line! She had her precious grandchildren with her and we had a nice visit. Then we went to Gibsons and Home Depot and then came home.

Late this afternoon Tony did his sanding magic on our coffee table and I am proud to say that it is back inside the trailer and it looks beautiful. Thank you, Tone. I love you so much! I hope that your Memorial Day Weekend was as great as ours. Happy Birthday, Fay!

Y'all have a great evening!


DY_Goddess said...

What a great day for everyone at the Ranch, Nance! I see that sweet little girl just a smilin', it's like they know they're going home. As much as I love puppies, my big boy is my pride and joy. He's so happy and loving, at BIG and sweet. We're in sync too, a puppy would tire me out. Kris and I just like hanging out together and moseying through life. Had a great birthday, thanks again! F. xo

DY_Goddess said...

P.S. Nance, I got a new work #, I am working at Head office and taking the train into the city each day.
I'd love to talk to you, I'll email you my new #, ok?
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Nancy, how do you get your dogs to smile each and every time their picture is taken? They smile because they know they're safe, loved and respected.

Big hug to you and Tony for your good work. You are angels.