Sunday, May 16, 2010

Randy's & Lisa's Save Inn Restaurant Rocks!

Last night before going to bed Tony and I decided to get up real early so we could feed the dogs outside and clean their pens, because we were going to treat ourselves to a delicious breakfast at Randy's & Lisa's Save Inn Restaurant.

While Tony fed our dogs I cleaned their pens. I love helping Tone with his chores because it gives me a chance to spend more time with our wonderful dogs. This morning when I went into Rita Coolidge's puppy pen she ran up to me and wildly wagged her tail. "Good morning, Rita," I said as I picked her up and held her in my arms. "You've got a new name girl and it's Callie Gotke! You are so lucky, Callie..." When I put her back on the ground she followed me around the pen as I did my job and then we played fetch. 

I threw balls, stuffed toys and chew toys for her to fetch. Callie chased after each toy that I tossed, but the only toy that she would return to me was this pink thing that I guess was supposed to be a cute, smiling octopus. When I left her pen she whined for about twenty seconds then she took her pink-thing and went into her dog house and fell to sleep. After our chores were done Buttermilk took us to Kerrville.

When Tony and I arrived at The Save Inn their parking lot was nearly full as it always is, but we luckily found a space in front of the restaurant. After Tony cussed softly and then did The Procedure to get out of Buttermilk I got out of the car and we went inside. Fortunately "our table" near the back close to the counter was vacant so we grabbed it. Then like always a friendly waitress came to our table with coffee for Tone and tea for me. "Let me guess," she said as she pointed at me. "Sinker Omelet, hash browns and whole wheat toast." I smiled and nodded my head. "And you want to eggs over medium, bacon, and a stack of pancakes on the side." Tony laughed and handed her our menus.

Our breakfast was delicious and near the end of our meal Lisa came out of the kitchen and I waved to her. Then she came over to our table and greeted us." Randy and I want to buy your book. Do you have any with you?" 

Before I could answer her, Tony said, "We've got one out in the car. Let me go get you one." Then he left the crowed restaurant. When he returned with a book I signed it to Lisa and Randy and then she paid me for it and went back to the counter. Then in walks Sandy and Jon Wolfmueller and they came over and sat down at a table next to ours! 

After Jon told Lisa that they weren't ordering anything, we had a really fun visit with them! After we paid our bill we went outside to visit a little more with our friends in the parking lot. "How did y'all know that we were at the Save Inn?" I asked. 

Sandy shot me a wink and said, "We recognized Tony's gut in the parking lot!" We all started laughing even though T. doesn't have much of a gut.

"Yeah, and I'm fixin' to get rid of it—starting tomorrow!" Tony quipped back. Then Sandy and Jon took off for Lowe's to buy a new garden hose and we came home and have enjoyed having a quiet and peaceful day.

Y'all have a great evening!


Eileen said...

Mornin' Nancy! How exciting to read about Mz Callie lovin' her new camo pink toy I gave her on Saturday! I'm going dog house shopping this week and set up the Callie yard for her and puppy proof the house! She's got a new pink puppy Kong waiting for her, too!

cousin nancy said...

Good morning, Eileen. Callie loves her new toy. I am glad to know where it came from because I could not figure it out. I know that she will love her new pink puppy Kong. She is one lucky pup!