Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

This morning when I woke up Tony surprised me. He was home. And he had already fed our fur family and had made the coffee. When I asked him why he didn't go to the Old Timer like he usually does he told me that his back and his hip were killing him and that he didn't sleep much last night. "Why is your hip hurting?" I asked, because I know that he has chronic back pain.

"I forgot to tell you that yesterday when I put Walter into his pen a stump caught my foot and I fell down and my hip landed hard on a big rock." Then he showed me his bruised hip and it made me cringe as I was thinking 'better him than me.'

After breakfast Tone went outside to do his chores while I cleaned up the kitchen. I didn't walk with Leslie like I usually do after breakfast, because I have already walked fifty-four miles this month with her. So I decided to take a day off and go water my new flowers and plants in Outer Space.

When I came back inside I decided to call Kinky on his cell phone, but unfortunately I got his recorded message instead, so I left him this message, "Happy Mother's Day, Kinky! I just wanted to be the first one to wish you a Happy Mother's Day! Bye!" I laughed when I hung up the phone, because I do this every Mother's Day to get a laugh out of him.

After eating an early lunch Buttermilk took us to Kerrville so we could pick up Layla from Hoegemeyers Animal Clinic. When we walked into the lobby it was full of people and their pets waiting to see Dr. Rydberg or to pick up their pets. Kathy Janssen greeted us when we walked into the lobby and said, "Nancy, I loved reading your book! It was fantastic! I need to talk to you about something before you leave with Layla!" Then she called one of the clients names and took them to an examining room as Tony and I sat down on a bench.

A few minutes later one of the vet techs brought Layla into the lobby and Tony took her outside and put her inside her crate and waited for me in the car. After Kathy gave me Layla's shot records she said, "Nancy, I have a best friend who writes romance novels, but she is having a hard time getting published. I was wondering if you could help her?" After a brief discussion and telling Kathy to ask her friend to give me a call and that I would be glad to help her anyway that I could, Kathy said in front of about ten people, "I want to help her because she is the woman who got on my butt to enter the figure skating finals, so I have gotten on her butt for her to get her novels published!"

"And now you are on my butt," I said jokingly as I walked out of the clinic, listening to the people inside the lobby laughing. When we got home we gave Layla a few hot dogs before we returned to her pen with Little Girl and she seemed glad to be home. Then Buttermilk took us up to the trailer.

When T. did "The Procedure" to get out of Buttermilk I laughed, because Tony and I were so used to it by now, we hadn't even noticed that it had become the natural way to get out of Buttermilk. I have not driven Buttermilk in several days so I am looking forward to doing The Procedure to see how well I do it. Maybe I will get Tone to shoot a short video of me doing The Procedure.

When we came inside the trailer Tony and I decided to watch last night's "Saturday Night Live" which I recoreded last night, with Betty White hosting it. OMG! Betty White was totally hilarious and she had us laughing till it hurt! I love Betty White so much! She is one of my heroes for so many reasons besides being an awesome animal lover. And I can't believe that she, a living national treasure to all, is eighty-eight years old. Talk about an inspiration!

Y'all have a great evening! And Happy Mother's Day to all!

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kozzymom said...

I bought a dog toy yesterday at Tractor Supply and I almost packaged it up to mail to Miss Dee for "Mothers Day". I hope that her new owner will keep us posted about her and Mr. Rogers! I want to know what happens! Thanks and Happy Belated Mothers Day!