Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I apologize for not posting blogs for two days, but I had good reasons why I didn't and now I will explain. Monday morning after I had walked six miles with Leslie Sansone and push mowed the front yard and the yard outside it, I helped Tony pick up poop in over half of the dog pens.

While I was picking up the poop in the last dog pen a tan colored Suburban drove past me and stopped near our trailer. When a man got out of the vehicle Tone whistled at him and waved at him to come back up to the barn where we were now standing. The man climbed back into the car and drove up to the barn.

After greeting the man, who looked like he was in his early sixties, I asked him what we could do for him. The man told us that he had adopted two female pups last week and then he got a case of the Shingles. He said that he could no longer take care of the pups because of the pain that he was in and he wanted to know if we could take the pups.

T. and I looked at each other and then we looked inside the man's Suburban and saw two precious, playful little girls that put smiles on our faces. Three minutes later the three of us were standing inside the alley-puppy pen, which is next door to Ruth Buzzi and Chuck's pen. As I played with the cute puppies Tony filled their food dishes full of puppy food and then he filled a large bowl with water.

Tone and I did not like the names that the man had given them, so after he drove away we renamed them. I named the little black one Emmylou Harris and T. named the pretty multi-colored merle Rita Coolidge. They are approximately ten to eleven weeks old, part Catahoula and part Blue Heeler and real happy. And I am sure that they will get adopted really quick. Here are a couple of pictures that I took of them.

After lunch I caught up with some phone calls and paperwork and feeling basically happy until Kinky called me. "....I have some really bad news to tell you, Nance. I just found out that Lee Mannix is dead. He died in a car accident in Austin." There was a moment of silence as tears filled my eyes.

"No, Kinky. I loved Lee. He was a great man. This is horrible news..." Kinky and I talked about Lee and what a great loss it was for the dog world and when Lee came to the rescue ranch years ago for a visit and advice. Lee Mannix is known worldwide as "The Dogfather" for his great behavioral work with problem dogs.

When we got off of the phone I was so depressed about Lee's passing. He was only forty years old. And that is why I didn't post a blog for Monday night because I didn't want to bring y'all down too.

Tuesday morning was somewhat chaotic to say the least, because the plans that we had made for the day all changed, after Tony's and my visit with Kinky over at the Lodge. After I walked six miles with Leslie and push mowed the backyard and T.'s chores were done we went over to the Lodge to visit with Kink.

We talked about the Lee Mannix, the rescue ranch, his plants in the Friedman Family Bone Orchard, his huge herd of Hummingbirds that he is constantly feeding and his sister Marcie's arrival this coming Monday that we are all looking so forward to! Marcie Rocks!

As Buttermilk took us over the river and through the woods we talked about needing to get Layla to the vet so she could be spayed and given all of her shots. Layla is the dog that was tied under a house for over two years until her owner died. I told Tony that I had figured out a way for us to catch Layla inside her dog pen. "Layla has really been turning around. Thanks to our great volunteers. Every night when I give the dogs a treat she runs up to the fence and cannot wait to get hers. When we get home I want you to go inside her and Little Girl's pen and pretend that you are picking up poop. Then I will start handing out treats and I'll bet that I can get her into the little pen inside their pen with some treats. Then close the gate."

When T. was inside their pen acting like he was picking up poop, I quickly fed Blackie &Alfie, Wolf & Cookie and Hank & Nellybelle treats. Then I ignored Layla and went to give treats to Dusty whose pen is nearest the little catch pen in Layla's pen. Layla was barking at me, because she could not wait to get her treats and they went inside the small pen. When I gave them their treats Tony closed the gate behind them!

After we dropped Layla off at Hoegemeyer's Animal Clinic I called Kinky and cancelled our lunch plans with him and Frank, because we had caught Layla and taken off immediately for Kerrville so we could get her vetted. Then we went to Randy & Lisa's Save Inn restaurant for lunch.

As always the Save Inn's parking lot was nearly full, but we were lucky enough to find a parking space and we grabbed their last unoccupied table. Our waitress Angie was great as was our meal. Tone tried their new Shrimp Po Boy sandwich and he loved it and I had their Special and it was delicious too. Before we left the restaurant Randy came in and we had a nice visit with him before we took off and went to Wolfmueller's Books for a fun visit with Sandy and Jon.

This morning when I checked my e-mail my dear friend Cindy Pickard had sent me an exciting note. She wrote that Ostrow & Co. the producer's representatives in Beverly Hills who are representing her and her son, Andy's documentary "MANITOU API~Where The Sun Rises" will be representing them as far as marketing at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival! And I am so happy for her and Andy—their documentary is incredibly great! And I loved what she wrote at the end of her note: "May there very soon be peace on Earth...which is the message of Manitou~API." Good luck Cindy & Andy!

It is now eight o'clock and time for me to finish this blog up, but before I do I must show you the picture that Tony just took of a six to seven foot long racer snake that is in his garden. And he told me that it is still out there! Yikes! Looks like I won't be going out to the garden until late Fall.

P.S. Rest in Peace, Lee. We loved you and you are and were loved by many.

Y'all have a great evening!

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