Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Pete Hartje!

Today has been great, but first off, I want to wish our dear friend Pete Hartje down in Port Aransas a Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Pete! Happy Birthday to You! We love You! Kelly, please give Pete a big bear hug from Tone and me.

This morning I woke up early which was good, because I got so much done. In fact, I had walked eight miles with Leslie Sansone before eight-thirty! Then Kinky called me and we had a great long distance business meeting about future fund raising ideas for the rescue ranch and the special newsletter that I am working on. After our talk I did some paperwork then I went outside around nine-thirty to help Tony clean pens and discovered that Jim McMahon, one of our great volunteers, was already out here walking our dogs for us!

After cleaning two pens just before I went into Blackie's and Alfie's pen to pick up poop June Hartley arrived with a guest volunteer—her Aunt Barbara who was visiting her from Nebraska. The minute I shook Barbara's hand I liked her because June told me that she is a big time animal lover like all of us are. "I'm on Poop Patrol today," I said with a laugh. "You can call me Stinky Pinky." June and Barbara laughed and then they offered to do my job for me and pick up the poop, but I declined their offer, because I'd rather have them walk our dogs, so they took off to walk our dogs.

After Blackie's and Alfie's pen was spotless I went over to Hank's and Nellybelle's pen to clean it when Ellen Jackson and Eileen Gotke showed up and parked right next to the pen I was in. By the time we had said our howdies to each other I was done picking up the poop and left the pen to visit with them.

In no time flat the three of us were laughing about the pretty pink, feathered-flashing cowgirl hat that Eileen had given to me. They told me that they had loved the picture on my blog of Ben Welch wearing my hat and then Ellen told us that the next time that she goes to Fredericksburg she was going to buy one for herself!

Then Ellen gave me an update on Jermaine Jackson, the sweet, shy dog that she recently adopted from us! "He is definitely a Jackson!" Ellen said with pride. "He is doing great and I have taken him to two obedience classes. The first time that I took him to the class he was shy and skittish and nervous, but when we went to his second class he acted like a completely different dog and everyone complimented me on him! Jermaine was much calmer and he even slept at my feet as we listened to the dog trainer. I am so proud of him..."

"I am so proud of you for taking one of our  fouled-up dogs that needed a lot of work, Ellen and having the patience and the love to slowly turn him around. I am so happy for him. Few people would adopt a dog like Jermaine, because most people want a perfect dog from the moment that they get one. You're an angle. I mean an angel."

After our short, but fun hen party Eileen and Ellen grabbed a bucket full of treats and leashes and then they took off to see our new puppies, Emmylou Harris and Rita Coolidge before they walked our dogs so I went to Dusty's pen to clean it.

After "poop-proofing" Dusty Springfield's pen I sat down to visit with her and pet her and I got to laughing as I listened to Ellen and Eileen, just two pens down, holding and baby talking to the cute puppy sisters, because yesterday I did the same exact thing, because Rita and Emmylou are so sweet and cuddly. In other words they are so irresistible that you just can't help it.

While things picked up in Randy Travis', Moe Bandy's and Mandy's pen I teased Ellen and Eileen next door and we all had a good laugh when Eileen and Ellen tried to put small harnesses on the playful pups, so they could take them for a little walk. When the little girls were finally leashed up they carried them out of their puppy pen and it was hilarious watching the pups trying to figure out their newfound attachment to Ellen and Eileen as they ran circles around them and kept getting tangled up.

After I cleaned Rocky's and Lucy's pen I went over to the barn to help Ellen and Tony give Bob Dylan a much needed hair cut and a shave, because Bob's coat was really matted. While we visited Tone and I took turns holding Bob still on the grooming table as Ellen inch-by-inch gently freed him from his thick fur.

Forty minutes later Bob was clean cut and ready to quit playing "Beauty Shop" with us, so I took him down to the creek to give him a bath and I wish that someone had shot us with a camera because I lost my balance in the water and fell into the creek! It was actually pretty hilarious, but Bob didn't laugh even when I was sloshing my way back to the rescue ranch.

After I returned Bob Dylan to his pen Rockette sniffed him and then he started rolling wildly in the dirt trying to get the smell of the foo-foo smell of the shampoo off of him. When I walked up to the barn to visit with our friends / volunteers I was soaking wet from the waist down. "Well, Bob got his bath and I am soaking wet from the waist down because I lost my balance and fell into the creek." Everyone started laughing. "After I had shampooed Dylan I got most of the soap off of him, then I went into the shallow water so he could swim in the deep water to make sure all of the soap was gone, but when I stepped on some sand my foot sank about a foot and when I tried to dislodge it I lost my balance and fell halfway into the creek. Somehow I luckily grabbed onto the side of the bridge to keep from going totally under. Bob was great about it when he got loose. He ran up to the road and waited for me to wade out of the water." We all started laughing and then they teased me before taking off for Medina to eat lunch.

This afternoon I was surprised when a package was delivered to me from Williams and Sonoma, that was sent to me by my dear friends Karen and 'Erb! Thank you, Karen and 'Erb! I love the marble rolling pin and scrapper and T. is nervous! We're definitely talking about another "Cousin Nancy Cooking Show On How To Make Homemade Flour Tortillas!" Brought to you by 'Erb & Karen Cares Care Package!

P.S. 8:45 PM This just in:  Rick just called me from Port Aransas to tell me that our good friends, Cleve Hattersley and Sweet Mary of the famous band, Greezy Wheels is playing in Port A. tonight and they are fixin' to leave the lighthouse to go listen to their first set! "Rick, that is great! Please tell Cleve and Mary that I said howdy and for them to come see us!" Rick told me that he would, then he told me that Leisa had just taken her first taste of honey from her bees and it was delicious!

Y'all have a great evening!

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