Friday, May 21, 2010

The Event!

I apologize for not writing a blog last night, but I have a very good excuse—I went to "The Event!" And Tone and I didn't get home until nine-thirty and I was so tired, because of all of the laughing that I had done earlier in the evening I just went straight to bed.

Earlier in the week I came up with the idea to have a private party at David and Desiree Farrars' Trails End Guest House to celebrate Marcie's return from Vietnam, so after talking to Desiree and David about doing "The Event" on Thursday night I talked to Kinky and Marcie about it and then I called our dear friends to invite them.

Within two hours I had a confirmed guest list and called D&D to make the reservations. Two hours later I had to call D&D back at their B&B to add a few more names to our growing list of good friends. "Hi, David! It's Nancy again. There will be ten of us coming for dinner at six o'clock to Peasants on Thursday and we are going 'Dutch.' Here's the list of our friends names: Sandy & Jon Wolfmueller, Donna Schloss, Barbara & Tom Carpenter, Kinky, Marcie & Will Wallace and Tony and me." Then David told me that we should come hungry because they would be serving us eight entrees and they were looking forward to The Event.

Yesterday morning because of David's 'warning' to come hungry I walked eight miles and then I fixed T. and me a low calorie lunch consisting only of vegetables.

At five-thirty as planned we met Kinky, Marcie & Will and Barbara and Tom in front of Wolfmueller's Books so they could follow us to the Trail's End Guest House, while Sandy and Jon picked up Donna to ride with them.

Our caravan of three arrived first, at five minutes before six to be exact, so the first thing we did was go over to Beckham's pigpen so everyone could see him and say howdy to him. As Kinky petted Beck through the fence I told Barbara and Tom and Marcie about us rescuing Beck over a year and a half ago and about his soccer ball playing skills. "When we rescued David Beckham he was only about three months old and he only weighed about thirty pounds. We had a dog-harness that fit him and we used to take him for walks. Isn't he beautiful, Kink? Can you believe that he weighs over three hundred pounds?"

Kinky nodded his head as he continued to pet and talk to the once orphaned wild Russian Boar. "Desiree and David told us that they have renamed him and are now calling him Wilbur and all of their guests love him! He eats gourmet food and drinks two to three diet orange sodas everyday! How cool is that!" Then Sandy, Donna and Jon arrived so we went to greet them. Then we went over to the outdoor deck so The Event could commence.

Desiree and David greeted us and then David told us about the meal that he had prepared for us and then our super fun party began! As the men drank their beers and we girls sipped their delicious "House Red Wine" it was non-stop laughter as great music played softly in the background. Then we were served the first two entrees that were so delicious, Kinky said, "This seven-pepper bisque is divine!" Everyone agreed including T. even though he had never had cold soup before.

I wish that I could remember the names of all of the delicious entrees we ate, but after we ate round two we were all feeling pretty full and not sure that we could eat round three and four so we took a food break. Tony took off and gave Marcie, Donna, Will and Barbara a tour of the cute, cozy cabins while Kinky, Tom, Jon, Sandy and I remained on the deck trading funny stories back and forth.

When the song started playing "Ferry Cross The Mersey" Kinky asked us who sang it and then he said, "I think it was the Dave Clark Five," but we all disagreed even though none of us could remember who it was. "I bet David will know!" Kink said and then he asked David.

"Gerry & the Pacemakers, Kinky," David answered as he brought out 'Round Three' to serve us and that is when I had to back off and decline to not eat anymore food, because I was so full I thought that I was going to pop and that would have not been a pretty sight.

By the end of the party everyone was full, but still laughing, while we begged David for his delicious secret international recipes which he nicely didn't totally divulge to us as any chef would.

After everyone had paid their due, it was all hugs and handshakes out in the parking lot before everyone took off in different directions to go home. Kinky, Marcie and Will riding inside Mr. Green Jeans followed us all of the way home.

I want to thank D&D at their super cool B&B and restaurant for the best of times and their delicious feast that none of us will ever forget. The Trails End Guest House Really Rocks and I love y'all so much! (David, now will you please give me your steak and mushroom recipe? We all loved it! And I swear that I won't tell anyone, but please note that I will steal your recipe, rename it and call it 'Cousin Nancy's Steak & Mushroom Delight' and I will only post it on my blog! You've got my e-mail address!)

P.S. Today has been great and I promise to write about it tomorrow.

Y'all have a great evening!

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a&jplusfidget said...

I love how you prepared yourself for Dad's food. I need to do this when I go and visit Dad and Desiree in June!!