Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Sandstorm Hit Us!

Today has been nice and quiet if you don't count the sound of a palm sander and my iPod cranked up loud on my Bose so I could hear it.

Yesterday evening I called Nancy Lemon's cell phone and got her machine. Tony and I wanted them to meet us at the Save Inn this morning so we could treat them to a delicious breakfast and visit a little more, but unfortunately Nancy didn't get my message. So early this morning T. and I went to Randy and Lisa's Save Inn Restaurant by ourselves and our breakfast was more than delicious. I ate the whole thing!

After we ate we decided to check out the Kerrville Arts & Crafts Fair at the Court House before coming home and am I glad that we did, because there were some pretty cool crafts and interesting things to see. We saw our friends Scott & Julia Stehling and had a nice visit with them and then Tone bought me the cutest metal pink pig! I haven't named it yet and I am not sure where I am going to put it, but hopefully before I end tonight's blog it will have a name.

When we arrived back at the rescue ranch Tony fed the dogs and I cleaned their dog pens then we came inside to cool off and rest. When I checked my e-mail I had a note from my dear friend John Kemmerly. He told me that Blue Foot Publishing was close to publishing its first collection of wonderful stories and poems and he asked me if I wanted to contribute another story. His request felt good for my ego and I felt honored, so I sent him a a very funny story that was about my first boyfriend, that involved my pet opossum, the circus and the law and I hope he likes it and will decide to include it in the book. Then I returned a few phone calls and wrote some thank you letters.

After I had caught up with the paperwork I got inspired and decided to re-sand our cedar coffee table that Tone built for me over fourteen years ago, because this morning at the Arts & Craft Fair we had stopped and talked to a nice man about his beautiful cedar furniture that looked just like the cedar furniture that Tony and I used to make before we started the rescue ranch with Kinky.

When I had the palm sander, sand paper, extension cord and "my music" outside on the front porch I came inside and half-hollered down the hallway, "Tony! I need for you to help me move the coffee table outside on the porch!"

"Why?" T. softly yelled from his office or should I say 'Man Cave.' "Nance, I'm in the middle of harvesting some crops..." One minute later I was sitting on a bench on the front porch happily sanding away on the coffee table with my music blaring loudly in the background.

About an hour into my project, Tony came outside and told me that he was going fishing on the creek and then he said, "Good grief, Nancy, you're covered in sand dust and the front porch looks like we live in Lubbock or we had a sandstorm hit us!" Then he took off in Kermit.

An hour later Kermit brought T. home and I was sweating, but still sanding and had only gotten a quarter of the coffee table top sanded down. "It looks good," Tony said. "I'll bet that there are over a hundred coats of Minwax on that table."

"No there's not," I said with a laugh. "I only put two coats a year on it, so I didn't have to dust so much. It is more like twenty-eight coats, T." After I told him about the gummy residue being hard to take off near the surface he told me that tomorrow he will sand the rest of it off with his heavy-duty sander. Then he went into the trailer.

At six-thirty after sanding for over three hours and using up an entire pack pack of sandpaper this is how the table looks so far.

The dark area that the sander is on is the last of the gummy part and hopefully that will be gone after Tone does his 'Mr. Sand Man Magic' tomorrow! Please note the sand covered porch in front of Outer Space and my pile of used up sanding paper.

Well, I have not come up with a name for my new pink pig, but here is a picture of our old timers checking her out this evening. Isn't she adorable!

Y'all have a great evening!

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