Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wrestling Match On The Kitchen Table!

Today was a quiet day until three o'clock then all 'heck' broke loose. My morning started out fine. I woke up early fed our dogs and Lucky and got a little bit of paperwork done before Tony came home from the Old Timer.

After breakfast I walked eight miles with Leslie and then I spent the rest of the morning working on our 2010 Utopia newsletter which is not easy, because I have many stories that I want to tell, but not enough room to fit all of them into the newsletter, because it is only four pages long.

After lunch I went back to work on the newsletter. By three o'clock I was pooped and decided to take a break from my writing, so I decided to play Beauty Shop and give Toto a haircut and a bath even though he hates playing Beauty Shop with me.

After I had covered our kitchen table with a big towel that is when the real fun began. I had to chase Toto around the big room for three minutes with him growling and cussing at me under his breath. Once I had him positioned on the table I grabbed my scissors and he did what he always does—he bit me, but didn't draw blood because he only has four teeth.

As he growled and cursed, I cautiously continued to clip off his curls on his back and sides. When it was time for me to clip around his ears and mouth Toto would not stand still for it, so I had to ask Tony to quit plowing and come help hold "Toto the Terrorist" still for me. That was a bad move, because now T. & T. were both cussing and growling at me under their breaths. "How much longer, Nance?" Tone asked before I accidentally stabbed his thumb with my sharp-pointed scissors causing his thumb to slowly leak blood. And I can't tell you what he said when that happened, because I was scared that I was going to faint.

After fifteen minutes of Tony and Toto wrestling match on the kitchen table Tony's thumb had finally quit bleeding and I was thrilled to be finally done with Toto's head area. Then came the worse part—Toto's back end and his private area.

Every time that T. lifted up Toto's rear for me to clip off a patch of hair, Toto would bite at him while trying with all of his might to lay down on his curled- hair covered towel. As I was carefully snipping away Tony said, "How much longer, Nance? I only have ten minutes left to plant my crops or..."

Not wanting to be snippy with Tone, I said, "I just need a few more minutes." Then Toto bit Tony on his bad thumb and jumped off the table and ran under the bed. T. went into our bedroom to get him and he had to go underneath our bed to drag Toto out.

Needless to say neither one of them were "in their Happy Place." When they returned to the kitchen they were growling and cussing loud enough for me to hear. A few minutes later after I finished Toto's hair cut Tony went back to his office to save his crop while I gave The Tiny Terrorist a bath in the kichen sink.

It is nearly seven-thirty and it is starting to thunder and lightning outside so I need to go unplug everything.

Y'all have a great evening!

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