Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spin Doctor!

Last night Tony and I watched, 'Marley and Me.' We loved the movie! And we both cried real tears at the end of the movie, because like you, we know the pain and sadness, when we lose a best friend. If you haven't seen it, please do—you'll love it—I promise.

This morning, after walking five miles, our faithful, seven year old washing machine, Miss Tubby, became totally possessed by some sick Spin Doctor! It started yesterday morning, after I had started a load of clothes washing, which usually only takes about thirty minutes max. While I was walking, I noticed that she was acting really weird—she wouldn't quit spinning! In fact, Tubby had spun non-stop, for over fifty minutes—the amount of time that it takes for me to do my four fast miles! By the time she had quit spinning—our clothes were nearly dry and I was soaking wet from my workout! Tubby had turned into a washer/dryer combo! I was real busy yesterday, so I forgot to tell T. about it.

This morning, after doing my daily routine, which included five miles today, I put our dirty laundry into Miss Tubby, and put her to work. Then I sat down at the kitchen table and spent an hour and a half, doing more paperwork. When I was finished, Kinky called. He wanted us to meet him for lunch at the Del Norte—around 1:15.

When I got off of the phone, Miss Tubby made the loudest, ungodly sounds, for a couple of seconds, then she started shaking, and then began spinning wildly out of control! I did the only thing that I could do to help her—I unplugged her from the wall and pronounced her dead.

When Tony came inside the trailer, I asked him to please call our dear, old friend, who owns an appliance business in Sabinal, Texas.

"Boyd's Appliance," Joe Boyd said.

"Hi Joe, this is Tony over at the rescue ranch." There was a pause. "We're doing just fine." Another pause. "Nancy is doing great and said to tell you and your sweet wife, Billie, hello. Listen Joe, the reason that I am calling you is—our washer, Miss Tubby, died this morning and we're sure our dryer is not far behind. We want to buy a new washer and dryer from y'all." One more pause. "Here let me put Nancy on the phone."

Joe and I had a nice visit. Tony and I love them. After picking out the brand and color, Joe told me that they would try to get our new appliances delivered to us by Friday afternoon. Yeah!

"What are we getting?" Tony asked.

"Joe recommended that we get Speed Queens. He said their warranty is much better."

"What are you going to name them?"

"Queen Bee, and we'll call the dryer—Airy Queen." Tony liked their names.

Tony and I were about five minutes late, and seven blocks away from the restaurant, when I noticed the small, white car in front of us. When we stopped behind it, at the red light, I started laughing! "Tony look!" Tony looked, and started laughing, too!

When the light turned green, it took off slowly, as we followed it. "That car looks like it is driving itself!" I said. "You can't see the people's heads!"

"I know. Whoever is driving it must be shorter than you," Tony said, followed by another laugh. Tony then quickly changed lanes. "Let's see who is driving it!" As we drove up beside the compact car, I looked over. It was two cute, little old ladies, talking their heads off. When they looked over at us—we smiled and I waved to them.

"Hi Kinky!" I said, as Tony and I sat down at his table.

"Y'all are late as usual," Kinky teased. "How are y'all doing?" After we caught him up, we went to the buffet and served ourselves lunch. While serving myself, a very nice woman, about my age, walked up to me in the line and introduced herself to me, while I was putting some bleu cheese dressing on my salad.

"Cousin Nancy, I'm a big fan of yours! I bought your book, and I absolutely loved it! When are you going to write another one? Please write another one soon!"

I was honored, caught off guard and dumbfounded. "Well it is nice to meet you. Thank you very much. I am glad that you enjoyed reading my book. I loved writing it."

"Would it be okay for me to come out and visit you at the ranch? I would love to see it and talk with you!"

"We would love for you to come out, and see our rescue ranch," I said, as I added some rice, and then some refried beans onto my plate. "Come out any Saturday, or call ahead to make an appointment, and I will give you the grand tour."

"Thank you, so much! I will!" The nice woman said, then we went our separate ways.

"Kinky, Tony," I said, as I sat down at our table. "That was the sweetest woman, she just asked me to write another book about the rescue ranch. I'm taking it as a sign."

"I know," Kinky said. "She came up to me in the line, and asked me when you were going to write another book about our rescue ranch. I told her I didn't know, but she could ask you, because you were here. I then pointed you out, and she took off to talk to you. You're famous Nance." We all laughed, because I'm not, nor do I care to be.

Our lunch was good, and a lot of fun, until Kinky nearly choked on his food, when I told him my joke about the seven dwarfs, that Fay had sent to me! He really liked it, but unfortunately I can't tell it on my blog.

Y'all have a great evening! I've got to go to bed early, because I will be doing The Harley Show, tomorrow morning at 7:45. Tony and I can't go to Kerrville, so I will be phoning in.


'Erb said...


I'm sure you cried real tears, not crocodile tears. For some reason fake or insincere tears are referred to as "crocodile" tears. As you recall, I have a city slicker's fear of snakes, wild hogs, "stickers" and other country hazards---so I don't plan on getting close enough to a crocodile to see what kind of tears they have.


DY_Goddess said...

Nancy, I like the way you name your cars and appliances, it's so clever and fun. Well, my dryer was called "dryer", until it broke 2 weeks ago. Then I called it "#@!#&^ dryer" and went and bought a new one. I should name my new dryer this time LOL
Sorry the squirrels are invading your bird food, hope you get a new setup to foil their attempts.

cousin nancy said...

Hello 'Erb and Fay! "Erb, thank you for letting me know that about crocodile tears—I didn't know! And, you are absolutely right about me crying real tears. I am going to change crocodile to real in just a coupld of minutesI loved that movie so much! Best to you and Karen!

Fay, in my Feng Shui book, it recommends that we name everything, because it will make us more connected and will work better for us. Ever since I was kid, I loved naming things. In fact, that is why I owned embroidery businesses for over eighteen years. I hope that you name your dryer soon and please let me know its name. Thank y'all for your comments!