Monday, April 6, 2009

Ringo Starr!

This morning, I was up and running by five-thirty, because Bess called. When I heard her talking on the answering machine, I got out of bed. For someone, who is in their nineties, who never seems to sleep—Bess always makes my day with her phone calls!

After putting the dogs outside, I called Bess back, and we had a fun conversation. We talked about it not freezing last night, and her new exercise regime. She swims for an hour every day! Maybe I should start swimming, too? Just kidding—I don't have the time to do that or a pool.

I did my five mile walk, after cleaning up the kitchen, and I am glad that I took yesterday off, because my knee was no longer hurting, and my workout seemed much easier for me.

Now, I have some really great news to tell y'all! Mr. Ziffle got adopted today, at one-forty-five, to Dave and Desiree, our new friends, who own and operate, the beautiful bed and breakfast— 'Trails End Guest House' right outside of Kerrville!

Before Desiree and David came out, I had called Kinky, to tell him about Ziff's upcoming adoption, and he told me that he wanted to meet D & D, and asked me to please call him when they arrived, so he could meet them, and be there for the adoption.

At eleven-thirty-six, Kinky showed up at the rescue ranch, to meet Desiree and David, but they were running late, so he visited with Tony, Aaron and me instead, before taking off for Kerrville—to have lunch, with some old family friends.

When Desiree and David arrived, after hugs and handshakes, Desiree quickly filled out Mr. Z's adoption form, then we visited for a few more minutes, before Aaron took Mr. Ziffle out of his pen—to be with his new family. Ziff seemed to know that D & D were now his, and he jumped up to kiss them—with his tail wagging wildly! I tried to take some pictures of the adoption, but unfortunately they didn't turn out good enough. I wish that I had taken a few more—darn it.

When it was time for David and Desiree to leave, Aaron had to pick up Ziff, because he was a little scared to load up into the backseat of their truck cab.

Kinky called me around four o'clock, to tell me that his friend, Brent, who works closely with Ringo Starr, was coming out for a visit, and Kink invited me to come over to meet him when he arrived. He then asked me about Ziffleman, and I told him all about the great adoption. Kinky was thrilled about it! He loves Mr. Ziffle, and wanted to adopt him, but couldn't because The Friedmans are all too old, and it wouldn't be fair to them.

Early this evening, Desiree called to tell me that Mr. Ziffle was doing great! He and their other dog were already best friends, and getting along great! There had been a little scuffle with a cat, but overall, it looked like the adoption was going to stick! She told me that Mr. Ziffle seemed happy to be there, and they had already fallen in love with him! In fact, David was writing a poem about him—out on their patio! How cool is that!

Y'all have a great evening! It is supposed to freeze in the morning, and I hope it doesn't. It is nine o'clock now, and I am going to bed! Sweet dreams.


Unknown said...

I'm so happy for Ziffle! He is such a sweetheart, and D & D are such nice people.

DY_Goddess said...

Good morning ; )) I am so happy for Mr. Ziffle and his new family. I love reading the adoption stories.
Fine work indeed.
Have a wonderful day at the Ranch!