Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Grief Tony!

Yesterday, I forgot to tell y'all something. Not because I forgot, but because I was too tired to write anymore. Before Tony, Buttermilk and I went to Kerrville—Mr. Ziffle was returned. David had called me earlier, yesterday morning, to tell me that they were going to have to return Ziffleman and they were sick about it, because they loved him.

Z-Man, had been perfect at their bed and breakfast, until Sunday, when he viciously, for no reason, attacked their cat! The cat was off minding its own business, when they saw Mr. Ziffle suddenly jump up, and run to attack her. Fortunately, the cat is going to be okay, and it is now recuperating at Dr. Leifeste's Animal Hospital. David apologized and apologized to me, for having to return him, but I told him not too, because it was not their fault. It was obvious that Mr. Ziffle had cat issues. David told me that he needs to be in a home with no felines—other than that, he is one super great dog. He got along with all of their guests, their other dog, and is one extremely smart dog! So, if any of y'all know of a great home for him, please give me a call.

When Desiree and David arrived with Mr. Z., he happily went to a new pen, and seemed to be fine with it. After making sure that Ziff was going to be okay, we left, and had a fun visit with D & D in Outer Space! Tony and I really like those two! And, this morning, I went out to check on Mr. Ziffle, and he was happy and squirrel watching!

I did paperwork all day today, after doing my morning chores and walking the five miles. Around twelve-thirty, Tony went to get our mail. When he returned, he said, "Nance, look what I've got!" I looked away from the computer, and Tony was holding the book, that he had purchased, after entering his picture of Bunny and Bosco, into the Cutest Pet Contest! I was so excited for him.

"They put Bunny and Bosco's picture on the back of the book, but I wished they had put it on the front," Tony said, somewhat disappointed.

"What?" I said. "Good grief Tony, that is great! It means that your photograph is one of their top ten favorites! You see, to help sell their book, they used the very best photos to put on the front and back—so people will buy it! Congratulations!" Tony then smiled, handed me the book and told me to check out page seventy—and I did—and there was his picture of the Boston Terriers! I then checked out the book. The pages were filled with the cutest pets doing everything from posing, playing, smiling, winking, sleeping, swimming and wearing clothes! It is a great book and I am so proud of T.!

Y'all have a great evening. Here are pictures of the front of the book and the back! Tony told me, that he guesses he will put it on our coffee table—with the backside showing!

P.S. Tony and I found out who our mystery caller was! It was Harley!

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