Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Face Off!

Today was a great day for me! My dear friend, Cindy P., came out to see me late this afternoon. As always, we had a great time visiting in Outer Space!

Tonight's post is going to have to be short, because of something stupid that I did earlier this evening. Yes, I do stupid things often, unfortunately. Anyway, I decided to get on Facebook, again. But sad to say, it still didn't make sense to me on how to use it, and it confused me, because I am old, and not a techno nerd. I wish I was a high tech wizard, but that ain't going to happen in this life time! Trust me.

This time, I was a member on Facebook, for nearly an hour, and I had one friend—Tony. Thank you, Tone. I love you! Then when I uploaded my face—that was my second big mistake for today, because I had forgotten to photoshop it first! I've learned, through experience, that women my age or older, should only be shot from far away.

Close ups are fine when you're young, because everyone is beautiful when they are young, but not for us seniors. My advice is—if you are as old as me, and someone is insisting on taking a picture of you, make them take it at least twenty feet away, with the lowest light possible, like in a closet, and then tell them there will also be a twenty dollar charge for it.

Usually, the twenty dollar charge, especially in today's economy, will have them quickly making up excuses like, "Darn, I can't believe that I forgot my checkbook. I'm sorry—never mind," or "Darn, I can't believe that my battery just went dead and is out of juice. And, I left my charger at home!" And, be sure to act understanding, and then walk away real fast or skip, so they can't see you holding back your laughter.

Before deactivating my account, for the second time, in under two months, I took the 'What Kind of Dog Are You?' quiz, and found out that I am a Golden Retriever, and that really depressed me. I love Goldens, they are wonderful dogs, but I wanted to be a Boston Terrier or a full blooded mutt. So, I terminated my Facebook account for the last time. Good night. I'm going to bed, because I am doing the Harley Show at 7:45, in the morning.

Y'all have a great evening!

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Simply Cindy Lou said...

Well Nancy I agree with you on the photos. I hate having pictures taken of me. I always look fat and old. I always tell the photographer to use the skinny lens but for some reason I still look fat. I think it is human nature to not like our own reflection. Maybe you can get Tony to help you on the Facebook thing.