Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Morning—Vietnam!

This morning, after all of our chores were done, while Aaron walked some dogs, Tony and I decided to go to Kerrville—we were out of fresh fruits and vegetables and a few other items! We decided to take Buttermilk, not knowing that she was going to be a bad choice.

About halfway to H.E.B., Tone turned on the air conditioner, because it was nearly eighty degrees outside—that was our big mistake, because a horrible smell suddenly filled the inside of the Explorer! We quickly rolled down all of the window, even though it was drizzling, but that didn't help. "What in the world is that smell, Tony?" I asked, holding my breath, while fanning my nose.

"I'm afraid another mouse has died inside the air conditioner, again. It is definitely the smell of something dead."

Horrors! "That's horrible! Poor mouse." We rode in silence, while wearing that look on our faces, that you make, when something really stinks. After we passed Albertsons, I broke the silence. "Please remind me to get some multi-vitamins." Tony broke out laughing! "What's so funny?"

That Fort Worth accent of yours is really something else, Nance! You pronounced multi wrong. It's not multi, as in tie." Then he started laughing, again. "Multi is pronounced—multe, as in tea—not tie."

"How sad, Tony. I'm afraid that you're wrong, again."

"No I'm not," Tony jokingly argued.

"It's tie, like in multiply. Am I right? Surely, you don't pronouce multiply as multeaply?" Tony was quiet the rest of the way, and just kept laughing and shaking his head.

T. and I speed-shopped our way through H.E.B! On our way to be checked out, Tony said something absolutely brilliant! "We need to get some air fresheners for Buttermilk!" So, we made a sharp left turn, went down the frozen vegetable isle, turned right and then took another left. Oh my gosh, they had about fifteen different air fresheners for cars! I liked the cute cut out leaves kind, but Tony liked the 'clip on the vents' kind. Tony won, and we bought two packets of four.

As soon as we left the store and loaded up Buttermilk, Tony opened up a packet of clip-ons and clipped them on to the vents. Our return trip was much more pleasant, thanks to 'auto expressions Vent's—Outdoor Breeze.' Buttermilk definitely smelled better, too, but the fake outdoor breeze was still filled with a faint odor or roadkill.

This afternoon I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky. We had a good visit. When I returned home, I received an e-mail from Kinky's sister, Marcie, who is with the State Department, over in Vietnam! And her note made me smile.

'Dear Nancy,
How are you these days? I met a good friend here at the Embassy who is a huge fan of your blog. He knows every detail and was asking me about "outer space" and had I been there. I gave him a Utopia calendar for Christmas...'

Wow! I couldn't believe it—Vietnam! I've got someone reading my blog in Vietnam! That is way too cool! I now want to give a shout out to Marcie's friend, Christian M., over in Hanoi! Howdy Christian, you rock, and if you ever want to go into Outer Space—Come on! Please give Marcie a hug from me!

Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. Kinky told me that he got bumped tonight, and will be doing Geraldo real soon!


DY_Goddess said...

That is awesomecool Nance! So glad you had a wonderful Sunday.
I did my first mile with Leslie Sansone today and I loved it! Thanks for recommending her to me, I really had fun walking with her. I'll be right back at it tomorrow too.

Simply Cindy Lou said...

Nancy I get picked on all the time for the way I talk. My response is always it's not my fault my momma is from East Texas. My friend teases me all the time about saying warsh instead of wash. I didn't even know I was doing it so that makes it okay. I figure we are Texans so its okay to say things our own way.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay and Cindy Lou! Fay, that is fantastic that you are walking a mile with Leslie! They say if you can make yourself do it for thirty days—then you've got it—you're hooked! Good luck with your new walking program! When you come see me—let's do the four mile brisk walk! I know we can do it, if we don't laugh constantly!

Hello Cindy Lou! Thank you for your comment. I was warsh, too! Laugh out loud!

DY_Goddess said...

Nancy, I did my 2nd one mile with Leslie. After I get home tonight I'm going to do my 3rd 1 miler. I just love it!

My goal is to do the 1 mile for 7 days and then next Monday do the 2-mile every 2nd day.
I walk Kris twice a day, but it's more like a mosey and stop as he has to sniff EVERYTHING. Twice. LOL!!
Thanks again for recommending these, and we'll definitely have to walk together when I get to the Ranch ; ))

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy that you are walking with Leslie and with Kris Kristofferson! I promise that you will become addicted to her walking DVD!

And, I need to make a correction in my post above this one— I pronouce wash as warsh, too!