Friday, April 3, 2009

Box vs. Bottle!

Today has been a great day! This morning, as I walked five miles inside, Jim, our great dog walking volunteer, was outside walking our dogs! Thank you, Jim!

Today I cooked lunch for Tony, Ben and Aaron. It was my first time to cook Tilapia—using 'Adams Reserve: Cajun Seasoning,' and it was delicious! And, the guys really liked it, too! After lunch, I called Boyd's Appliances. My Speed Queens won't be arriving until Monday or Tuesday. I was fine with that, because Tony and I needed to go to Kerrville to get groceries.

When we returned to the rescue ranch, Ben and Aaron told us the six rescued peacocks had arrived. We went to look at them, and they are absolutely beautiful! Tony and I knew they were coming in, but unfortunately we didn't get to meet Christy and her husband.

Christy's husband, had hand-raised them since they were chicks. They loved their peacocks, but not their neighbor. So, I told her that we would take the peacocks. Fortunately, our great neighbors—love peacocks and wanted them! So, by four o'clock—the peacocks had a new home on a giant ranch! Yeah! I just love the way things always seem to work out!

After the birds left, Ben left, and I called Kinky, "Kink can I come over to get that bottle of wine?" Five minutes later, I was over at the Lodge. Kinky, Ben and I visited for a few minutes, as Ben packed his truck. He was meeting his parents in Fredericksburg for dinner, before heading back to Austin.

When I came home, I decided to write this blog, because when it posts at 7:00, Tony and I will be enjoying ourselves with our friends! A couple of my friends can't wait to taste Rambam's wine, and it will be fun to try it—to see if it is as good as my boxed wine!


DY_Goddess said...

So how was the wine tasting? ; )) I bottled my wine this morning, I made a red (Amarone) and a white (Fumee Blanc) at a brew-your-own store a couple of months ago.
Hey Nance, have you discovered yet that you can take the foil pouch out of the box o' wine, blow it up and use it as a pillow if you feel like sleeping after drinking it? Not that I'd know... I just heard about it LOL!

I just love peacocks and peahens, they are such cool birds. So glad these ones found a nice ranch to live on.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! The wine tasting was a blast, and the box won out! I didn't know that about the pillow, and thanks for letting me know about it.

That is too cool about making your own wine—I wish I knew how to make wine. Thanks for the comment and you have a great weekend, too!