Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kinky's Running!

This morning, while I was over at the Lodge visiting with Kinky, he told me that he had announced his run for governor, yesterday! Here is his announcement. To check it out, please go to kinkyfriedman.com

P.S. Baby has new strings!

Dear Fellow Texans:
Here’s the way I see it: Democrats + Independents = Victory.
I was serious when I ran for governor in 2006 and I’m serious now. I am a humorist, but I know these are not humorous times for a lot of us. Part of the reason is the pathetic lack of leadership at the state level. The last governor, I believe, who was truly on the side of the people of Texas, was Ann Richards. She was a very funny lady - she was also a great governor. I’ll take my cues from Ann Richards.

I also draw inspiration from Ann Richards’ mentor, Barbara Jordan. Barbara believed that if one is attacked personally, one should never counterattack personally. During the 2006 campaign I was attacked personally. However, like Barbara Jordan, I have no desire to attack anyone personally. Instead, like Barbara, I will merely relegate them to my forgive and remember list.

It’s time to end corporate handouts, get rid of the death penalty, get rid of the TAKS Test, and get rid of the Republican stranglehold on this state. Jim Hightower told me he believes the main reason we’ve lost every statewide race since Ann Richards is the inability of our candidates to excite the grassroots. Jim is talking about rural folks, working people, independents, libertarians and even disgruntled Republicans (many of whom used to be Democrats and should be on our side).

I intend to run a serious campaign, one that grows the party. I intend to visit and listen to the voices of neglected communities, small towns, suburbs, and rural areas, often where Democrats have lately feared to tread. This, I feel, is the very definition of being a Democrat. I intend to play by the rules. I will endorse and campaign for whomever wins the Democratic Primary.

Will the independents support me and vote as Democrats? I think they will. I think many Texans appreciate and respect anyone who gets knocked down and gets back up to fight again. Will Democrats take me seriously? I think they will. When Barbara Jordan, who may well be Texas’ only modern-day statesman, was a young girl she was never very serious in school. The teachers reported to her father (Ben Jordan, a very strict part-time preacher), that though she was the smartest kid in the class, she was a perpetual cut-up, a troublemaker and a class clown. When Ben had finally had enough of Barbara’s antics, instead of reprimanding her with his customary fire and brimstone iron-hand style, he tried a different approach. Barbara, he said, I’ll stick with you just as far as you want to go. That turned her around, and the rest is truly history.

So I say to Democrats who may not yet take me seriously, I’ll stick with you just as far as you want to go. If we stick together we’ll go very far indeed. All the way to the Governor’s Mansion!

God Bless Texas,
Kinky Friedman

PS: Please show me you’re serious about Texas’ future too by making a campaign contribution now to Texans for Kinky.


DY_Goddess said...

Congratulations to Kinky, I am so happy that he decided to run for Governor again! Texas would be luck to have such a progressive, passionate Governor in the mansion.

What a stellar strategy he has right out of the gate. I wish him safe travels on the campaign trail and ultimate success!!


Judy Green said...

So glad to hear the news... Kinky has my vote! All the best to him for a successful campaign and election.

Anonymous said...

don't be a stinker, vote for the kinkster

lori said...

Go Kinky!

I hope the minute you get elected you call for the first No Kill dog and cat State in the Country!