Saturday, April 18, 2009

Checked Out!

Today has been a great day, even though I overslept this morning! By the time Tony returned from the Old Timer—I had caught up with my morning duties, and our smoothies were ready to be consumed! After cleaning up the kitchen, I marched to a different drummer—Leslie Sansone's drummer, to be exact, and walked five miles with her and her walking buddies! I cannot believe, how addicted I am, to her walking DVDs. They are fun and fast, besides melting away the pounds.

I know I must sound like an info-mercial for her, but I am just being honest. Thanks to Leslie and that Vita-Mix machine—I'm half the person that I used to be! I love it and so does T.!

After my walk, Linda T. showed up to walk our dogs, while I was getting cleaned up.! After washing my whiter than white, long hair and showering—I was ready to take on the world. Fortunately for me, the world didn't show up, but I was ready none the less.

Somewhere around eleven o'clock, I had to go over to the Lodge to visit with The Friedmans. We had a nice visit, but I did most of the talking. When Trigger and I returned to the rescue ranch, we caught up with Linda, who was walking Willie Nelson, and Aaron, who was walking Chase Manhattan! Aaron and Linda were smiling, the dogs were soaking wet and their wet tails were slinging water in a five foot radius!

I jumped out of Trig, "Hi Aaron and Linda," I said. "Looks like Chase and Willie got to go swimming! I love it! Thank y'all so much for taking them swimming!"

"Hi Nancy," Linda said. "Yes, the boys went for a long swim, and they had a blast! They love the water." She and Aaron were grinning ear to ear, as the dogs swished water on them! We visited for a few minutes, then Trigger returned me to the trailer. Seeing those two happy dogs, set my mood for the day! Thank you Linda and Aaron!

I fixed Tony and I 'Cajun Style Talapia' for lunch, with sauteed vegetables and it was delicious, not to brag. After lunch, I decided to plant some Kale, even though it is a Fall plant. I went outside and found two small seed starter containers, filled them with organic dirt, and then carried them inside the trailer. I weeded through over sixty seed packets, until I finally found the organic, heirloom Kale seeds. I opened up the packet and looked inside and saw two hundred of the smallest seeds! "Tony. Can you come help me? I need your help."

Tony came into the kitchen. After I had explained to him about the tiny seeds—Tony planted the Kale seeds for me! He is so sweet! I put the pots out on the porch, and then I decided to alphabetize the seed packets—once and for all. It took me twenty minutes, but I am proud to report—finding our seeds will be much easier now.

At three o'clock, after Linda and Aaron left the rescue ranch—Tone and I went to the Walmart in Kerrville, to get dog food, and a few other items. When we were done shopping, we called each other on our cell phones, and met up front, to get checked out. I was dreading getting checked out, because last week, when my newly ordered checks arrived—they have caused me grief at H.E.B. and Walmart!

For some reason, my checks aren't working there anymore. Their computers say, "Failure to read. Try again." It is so embarrassing! Last week, a nice older man, at Walmart, told me the problem was because my check number, at the bottom, interupted the routing and account numbers. Today, after four minutes of standing there, watching my check fail, a manager told me that it was because my checks had been cut too long, and the reader couldn't read my numbers. She suggested that I cut off the bottoms of my check!

I thanked her for her advice and we left the store. As soon as T. had loaded up Buttermilk, I asked Tony to show me one of his checks, so I could see if my numbers were higher on my checks. Guess what—they were! Monday, I plan to call the check maker and request new checks that are readable.

Y'all have a great evening.

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