Saturday, April 4, 2009

It Was Bitter Sweet!

Tony and I really had a fun evening, last night. We went to the Wine Share at six o'clock. We met many new people, but we mainly hung out with our good friends. There was tons of good food, wine and laughter! Before leaving at eight o'clock—my box wine beat out Rambam's expensive French vino, because his was bitter, and my boxed wine was sweet!

Today was great! After walking my five miles with Leslie Sansone and her great crew of walkers, I added up how many miles I had walked with Leslie, in the past twelve days—we're talkin' over sixty miles! Yes, sixty miles! Her walking DVD's are the best.

Linda T. showed up around ten-thirty, and she and Aaron walked nearly all of our dogs! Yeah! Thank you Linda and Aaron!

This afternoon, I fixed lunch for Aaron, Linda and us. I wanted to try out our new outdoor dining table, so we went into Outer Space to eat our meal. I am happy to report that it was fun eating outside, and everyone seemed to like my cooking! During our lunch break, Linda told me that she fell into the creek, while walking one of our dogs, and her shoes started sinking in the mud—fortunately, it wasn't quicksand and she was fine—except for walking in soaking wet shoes.

Around two o'clock, Carol came over, and we had a really fun visit with her, inside the trailer. She is so sweet, and—she laughs more than I do! It was a fun time as always. I wish that y'all could meet her.

Y'all have a great evening!

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DY_Goddess said...

Oh! Rambam's cheeky little Beaujolais Nouveau didn't win?! It's a *very* good wine for a reasonable price. Wish I could have entered the contest ; ))
Well Nancy, you can continue to enjoy your wine knowing it's a winner!
Well, I'm off to walk Prince. Nancy, you put me to shame: 60 miles?!! Good for you, you look great!!