Thursday, April 2, 2009

2006 Was A Very Good Year!

This morning I rose and shone at six o'clock, actually that is not really true—I wasn't shining at all—just ask Tony. While the coffee was brewing in Buzz, our percolator—I fed all of our animals. Then I sat down at the kitchen table and answered over fifty e-mails, and deleted seven spams!

At 7:45, I turned the volume off, on Harley's live webcast, then I called The Rose 99.9—to do The Harley Show! Harley had a guest in his studio, and I laughed out loud, when my call came in, as I watched Harley glance over at the phone, while the man was talking. Harley pushed a button, which instantly put me on hold, as I listened on the phone, to their conversation! Then it was my turn!

I had a fun time visiting with Harley— talking about our dogs and the rescue ranch, and before I knew it—my little rescue ranch segment was over.

After breakfast and walking five miles, I cleaned up and then did some more paperwork, as Tony, Aaron and Ben worked outside. Around eleven o'clock, I decided to fix lunch for the men. I made my famous pumpkin bread recipe, I mean Carol's, put it in the oven, and then made the best organic chicken salad, using my Vita-Mix machine!

Around eleven-thirty I asked Tony to help me get the pumpkin bread out of the oven. When he turned the pretty loaf dish over, to empty out the bread—some uncooked pumpkin goo—flowed out onto my cutting board! "OMG, Tony, it's not fully baked!"

Tony quickly turned the loaf dish upright, and I spooned in the uncooked mixture! I then turned the oven, Cookie, back on, and put the bread and mush, back into the oven to cook some more. "T. I don't understand what went wrong? I followed Carol's recipe to a T.—putting in all of the ingredients—just like I did the last time."

I then went to my office and found Carol's pumpkin recipe. I had done everything right, including the 350 degree oven setting. Hmmm... I hope Cookie isn't fixin' to die on me, too.

At twelve-thirty, I invited the guys in for lunch. They loved my chicken salad, beans and potatoes—and my nearly twice baked—pumpkin bread!

Late this afternoon, Aaron, Ben, Tony and I went over to the Lodge, to visit with Kinky. While Kink was busy talking on his phone, The Medina Bulldog beat me in a friendly game of pool. He loved it and I didn't.

While Ben and I visited in the kitchen, Aaron beat the Medina Bulldog by default! Aaron was ecstatic about it, but Tone wasn't a happy camper—so we teased him about losing!

Kinky then joined us in the kitchen. "Kinky who gave you this bottle of wine," I asked. "Tone and I are going to a Wineshare tomorrow evening, at a friend's house, and I hate lugging my big box of Chillable Red wine."

"You can have it, Nance," Kinky said. "Seriously, Rambam gave it to me a couple of days ago, and I don't like that kind of wine. Take it, please."

After a super fun visit over at the Lodge, Buttermilk returned Tony and me, to the rescue ranch. And, as usual, I forgot to bring Kinky's donated bottle of wine with me. Y'all have a great evening! We're going to have a great evening tomorrow night—with (Rambam's) Kinky's expensive bottle of French red wine—2006! 2006 was a very good year for me, so it has to be a great year for that wine, too!

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