Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're Talkin' Four Miles!

This morning after drinking a healthy breakfast, I went over to the Lodge to discuss some business with Kinky. After we had taken care of business, he and I left the kitchen, and went outside to visit in The Friedman Family Bone Orchard. I watched Mr. Magoo come out of the doggie door, and he almost got stuck in it, because he has packed on ten extra pounds! "Kinky," I said. "Goo has really gotten fat and he really needs to go on a diet!"

"Goo did you hear what Cousin Nancy said?" Kinky said to Gooie. "Cousin Nancy said that you are fat. You're not fat."

"Nancy used to be fat," I said, talking for Goo-man.

"Yes Gooie, I know I used to be fat," I said. "But I am exercising more, and eating healthier and eating smaller amounts now and you need to do the same."

Kinky laughed and then threw Mr. Magoo's tennis ball for him to fetch.

After a nice long visit, Kinky walked me back to Buttermilk, and we talked about the upcoming photo shoot, on Monday, for the jacket cover of Kinky's latest book— "Kinky Friedman's Celebrity Pet Files!"

When I returned to the rescue ranch, I returned four phone calls, and then I grabbed my two pound weights and stretchy band for my three mile workout. Then I changed my mind—instead of three miles today, I decided to beef up my exercise routine and walk four miles today, because I have hit a plateau!

I went to the bookcase, found my Leslie Sansone two mile walk, and inserted the disc into the DVD player. In thirty minutes I had done a two mile brisk walk—using my lavender colored hand weights and stretchy band! Then I sat down at the kitchen table and took care of some more paperwork.

After lunch, I took care of some more paperwork, returned seven new phone calls, and answered many e-mails. Then I inserted the two mile walking video, again, and walked another two miles! I did four miles today! And, I have now decided to start walking four miles everyday, from here on out! Wish me luck!

Today has been pretty uneventful, except for my workouts. Y'all have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

You are a testament to the great things that come from WALKING, Nancy!
So why is it that, when I look down the hill at the wonderful lane-fenced 1/2 mile easement to our mailbox I forget what a healthy fun trip it could be for me and my pack of dogs and instead think only of how UPHILL it is coming BACK from that mailbox?
To think of walking that round trip to the mailbox and back FOUR times to get in a 4 mile walk....brrrr, I shiver at the thought!
And thus I continue to live a healthy life vicariously - via your blog....... Thank heavens for YOU walking for ME!

cousin nancy said...

Good morning Mari! Thank you for the comment! You are one great writer! Everytime that I read something that you have written—I laugh out loud! Here is some good news to make your day—we've just walked two miles!
P.S. Let's walk the other two miles around four o'clock!

Anonymous said...

Very funny Nancy LOL