Monday, February 2, 2009

Rumor Has It!

This morning while listening and watching Harley do his radio show, he was talking about people from all over the country, who are now watching his live web cast. Then he says, "And, thanks to Cousin Nancy—I have a listener, Fay, up in Toronto, watching it regularly, too."

Harley's show was great this morning! Our friend, Lori G. ( of The NoMads and The Cowboy Steak House) was Harley's guest this morning and she was great—calm, yet very funny! In fact, several times this morning, she made me laugh out loud!

Lori was there, in Harley's studio, to talk about The NoMads upcoming, February 14th 'Rider's In The Sky' show—benefiting area animal shelters! Tony and I can't wait to see the performance, and we are going with our mutual friends, and famous NoMad, Mari B. and her husband! The Wolfmueller's are selling tickets to the event, and they are going to the evening show, too!

Tony and I are fixing to go to Kerrville to rescue a little dog—part Chihuaha and part who knows what! Rumor has it, that this Thursday morning, T. and I might be in Harley's studio, with this little cutie muttigree, doing his show! Just maybe, because of Harley's live web cast—we might get the little eight pound pooch adopted!

P.S. I have much more to report later today, so don't go away!

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DY_Goddess said...

That is so cool Nance! I'll be tuned in watching ; ))