Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Post Man Only Rings Twice!

Yesterday was great! Linda T., our super dog walking volunteer, from Harker Heights, came out, and she and Aaron walked our dogs, for over five hours! I loved it, but not nearly as much as our wonderful dogs did! Thank you Linda—You Rock! And so does Aaron!

A couple of weeks ago, while visiting with Kinky, over at the Lodge, I gave him a new nickname—The Post Master General, because everyday, except for Sundays, for seven years, that we have been living over here, Kinky always calls to ask who is going to pick up the mail.

Tony usually picks up the mail everyday, and delivers it to Kinky, but on special occasions, Kinky will call to tell us to leave his mail, because he is going into Kerrville or Austin. It has become a long running joke between us, so when I was fixin’ to return to the rescue ranch, Kink asked me who was going to get the mail. “Kinky when you die—I swear, that you’re going to come back as the best Post Master General—ever!” I teased. Kinky laughed and the new nickname has stuck.

So this morning, Kinky called around 7:30, “Nance, Tone—Please call The Post Master! Thank you very much!” Ten minutes later, Kinky called again, while I was busily feeding our dogs. “Nancy, Nancy, Nancy! Tone, Tone, Tone! Please call the Post Master! I need to talk to y’all!”

As soon as I had put the last dog food bowl down, I picked up the phone and called The Post Master General—before he might go Postal on me! “Good morning, Kinky,” I said. “Sunday’s are your days off. There is no mail today. What’s going on?”

“Good morning, Nance,” Kinky said. “Mr. Magoo can no longer jump up on the bed, because it is too high for him to jump up on. I want to lower the bed, so Goo and little Perky, Brownie and Chumley can all get on the bed to sleep with me, and get off without hurting themselves. Can you and Tony come over and somehow help me lower the bed for them?”

After Aaron and Tony finished feeding the dogs and cleaning their pens—the three of us went over to the Lodge, to lower the bed, that Tony and I had custom built for Kinky, years ago, after his father, Tom, had passed away in 2002. Tony and I had made his bed out of Echo Hill Ranch cedar and we surprised him with it, on his birthday—and Kinky totally loved it!

“Tone,” Kinky suggested. “I think if you just cut the legs off of the bed...”

“No Kinky,” Tony interrupted him. “I know what to do. I’m going to remove a few boards, and then we can put the box springs on the floor and the mattress on top of it. Trust me, Goo and the dogs will be able to get on the bed. Let’s take the mattress and the box springs off of the bed.” Tony, Aaron and Kinky removed them from the bed and leaned them against the bedroom doorway.

“Look at all of Goo’s Chewgars, toys and balls—that he has hidden under the bed!” Kinky exclaimed, in amazement. “I can’t believe this!”

All of us started picking up the many balls, toys, and half-chewed Chewgars, and placed them on the no longer needed bed skirt. “What in the world is that thing?” Kinky gasped, as he pointed to a device, laying on the floor, in the middle of the bed frame.

“It looks like a muscle massager to me,” I said. “But I’m not sure about that. It probably belongs to Maribeth. I guess that she has some problem aches and pains. I don't know—this is really weird.”

“What?” Kinky asked. “A what?” Then he picked it up, to discover that it was plugged into the wall socket. He then unplugged it and put it on the bed skirt with all of the trash, while we all tried to figure out who it had belonged to.

“Ah, Kinky,” Tony said, as he lifted up a big black plastic case laying near the front of the bed. “Here’s a case for an Ouzee. I didn’t know that you owned a submachine gun, Kink?”

“What?” Kinky said. “I don’t have an Ouzee! Oh my gosh! Who would have put that under there?”

“I don’t know, but it is empty—no Ouzee here.” Tony replied. Then he tossed the empty gun case onto the bed skirt pile. Kinky then grabbed a broom and began sweeping the floor.

“Nance,” I wish that you had your camera with you—Kinky is actually working! It’s a Kodak Moment!” We all laughed.

After Aaron had removed a few screws, and a couple of boards—the three of them placed the mattress on the floor, between the bed frame, followed by the mattress. Kinky and I then quickly made up the bed. “Gooie,” Kinky hollered. “Goo come here and try out our new bed!” Then Kink layed down on his new bed and Mr. Magoo came into the bedroom, and jumped up on the new lower bed! Then he layed down next to Kinky, followed by Brown and Chum! Mission accomplished!

Before leaving, Kinky invited us to join him and Dylan for lunch at that orange colored restaurant.

“Thanks, but no thanks Kinky,” I said. “We’re trying to eat healthy. Please tell them to please fix their broken sign. Half of it is on the building, and the ‘estaurant’ part is on the ground—leaning against their building. Talk about an eyesore.” Kinky laughed!

This afternoon, as Tony and I were checking out at Home Depot, this woman cashier says, “Miles of Chocolate? My boyfriend knows Miles, the man, who makes it!”

Tony who was wearing a tan Miles of Chocolate cap says, “Yeah, Ben who is Miles business partner, works part-time for us! It is the best chocolate on the planet.”

“Last week,” she said, “I heard a woman talking about it on The Rose. I was really surprised!”

“That was me,” I said. “We brought some for Harley to try. I’m Cousin Nancy and this is Tony.” The woman was so excited—she walked us all of the way to Buttermilk!

This evening, Kinky called, “Nance, do you and Tone want to come over to play some pool?” Our answer was yes. As Tone and I left the rescue ranch, the wind was blowing over thirty miles an hour. In fact, it was blowing so hard—when we reached Willie Nelson’s pen—the dog house had blown completely over! I took these pictures of Tony putting the doghouse back together!

Before Kinky and Tony started their pool tournament, I asked Kink if I could take a picture of the new Goo-Bed. He said it was fine, so here is the picture of it. I have named it ‘The Crib!’ And Kinky loves it!

The Medina Bulldog won the first game against Kinky. The second game, The Hummingbird Man beat The Medina Bulldog. Y’all have a great evening!

P.S. I have finally found the time to improve my blog site. I’ve added some of my favorite songs and links! Please check it out! And thank you for following my blog!


DY_Goddess said...

I am so glad that there are other poeple on the planet that would do what it takes, including modifying their bed, to make their dogs happier. Makes total sense to me LOL
That is the sweetest thing to do for Gooie, awwww! I can just picture the Friedman's all snug in their bed tonight. Kinky has a mushy ol' heart of gold. Very sweet indeed.
Kris is stretched out across my bed at the moment, he takes the entire space up! Also, he's snoring because the electric blanket it on and it's reallllly warm. Brat.

Simply Cindy Lou said...

I remember when my Mickey was unable to get up on the bed. I went our and bought him a set or steps so he could get up and down as he pleased. I miss that old man. I sure miss getting online and reading your blog too. Hope all is well there at the rescue ranch and over at Echo Hill. Bridgett said to tell you woof.