Wednesday, February 4, 2009

That Boy Can Sure Sing!

Harley's show this morning was fantastic! When Harley announced that he would be surprising his audience, somewhere between 7:30-7:40, I called the Old Timer, and asked to speak to Tony. "Hello?"

"Tony, Harley is wearing a purple dress! And, he has just announced that something big is going to be happening in his studio between 7:30 to 7:40!"

Tony laughed, and then said, "I'm heading home, now!" Fifteen minutes later, Tony stepped inside the trailer, and went immediately over to my laptop, on the kitchen table—and started laughing out loud! Then Harley surprised everyone and sang a song— 'If I Were A Girl!' I videotaped his introduction to the song, and then him singing for about a minute. His song was hilarious, but he sure can sing—he has a beautiful voice!

Tomorrow morning, around 7:30, Tony and I, and possibly Ben, will be at The Rose, 99.9 FM, doing a live web cast with Harley! I can't wait! And, I hope that y'all can watch it!


Judy Green said...

Good morning, Nancy!
I just watched the Harley show here in Las Vegas with you, Tony and KK!
I have to get up pretty early to watch Harley's show from here in Nevada with the time difference but it's SO worth it! You looked awesome, Nancy - you have the sweetest and prettiest smile ever...and little KK, I would adopt her in a nano-second if I lived there! What a sweet little creature she is.... And how thoughtful that Tony thought to bring black duct tape for Harley's headphones to replace the standard issue silver-gray tape! I really enjoyed the show this morning; kind of felt like I got to meet you guys even if it was a long distance kind of Love the Harley show (especially today!) Harley puts on a fantasic radio show and plays some really good music too - sure makes me miss Texas! I'll watch for those pics you took in his studio...:)

Hugs to you!

DY_Goddess said...

Dang, got caught in traffic on my way to work! I logged on to Harley's webcast just in time to see Nance, Tony & wee Kathleen taking their pictures with Harley, then they left :((
Oh My! Kathleen is just precious! Wish I could take her home, she's lovely. I'm sure she'll find a wonderful family soon, she deserves it!