Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We Wish Mari's husband, David V.—A Happy 62nd Birthday!

Mari's good looking, and lucky husband, David, to have Mari for his wife, is sixty-two years old today—even though he and Mari could both pass for forty-somethings! Personally, I think that they are lying about their age—sorta like me telling people that I am seventy years old, and people telling me that I look great for being seventy!

Anyway, those two are definitely doing something right, and I am still waiting to know what their fountain of youth secret is! Mari write me! And David, you have a Happy Birthday!


DY_Goddess said...

Happy Birthday David! Hope you have a super day filled with all the things and people you love. May all your dreams and wishes come true this year!

Anonymous said...

Nancy, David and I have discussed this problem you are having. As a result we would like to donate to the Get Cousin Nancy Some New Glasses Soon Fund. We know you like pink, and surely this is a case of looking at us through ROSE colored glasses!
As we again struggle this morning to win our daily battle with "Arthur" we all too well know we are NOT in our 40's! LOL
THAT said, David (think Kinky when it comes to him using the Internet) proudly had me email a link to your blog to EVERYONE HE KNOWS - yep, his 62 year old head is now quite swelled up and it's NOT from "Arthur-itis"!

P.S. He's also glowing from all the good wishes from such a fan of Dwight Yoakum (I had to 'splain about the DY in "goddess")and says Thank You, Faye!

cousin nancy said...

Good morning Fay and Mari! Thank y'all for commenting! Fay, it sounds like, from Mari's report that David had a fun birthday!

Mari, you've done it again—I'm laughing out loud from reading your comment, and so is Tony! In fact, T. just said that he will donate to the Get Cousin Nancy New Glasses Soon Fund, too!

Please tell David, that I am sorry to hear that his head is swollen. Mine once swelled up from a food allergy—not a pretty picture—Tony had to use a wide angled lens! Please tell David to take some Benadryl, and his head should deflate quickly—LOL! : )