Friday, February 13, 2009

Everybody Have Fun Tonight!

Yesterday afternoon, after running a few errands, Tony and I went to Wolfmueller’s Books, to see Sandy and Jon. During our fun visit, Sandy showed us her new ‘App’ that she had added to her iPhone! It’s called ‘Doodle Kids’ and it was really cool! You touch the screen and draw whatever you want—then to erase it, you just shake your iPhone for a couple of seconds, like an Etch A Sketch, and it goes away, so you can draw something else. I loved it!

When we got home, I went to iTunes and downloaded the free App—Doodle Kids. Then I purchased a song that I had totally forgotten about, but had totally loved— 'Everybody Have Fun Tonight,” I had heard it on The Rose, after leaving Jon and Sandy’s book store.

This morning, when I got up, after feeding Lucky and the dogs, I saw a note from Tony, sitting on top of my laptop— “You’ve got mail! Love You! Tony.”

I booted up my laptop, and went directly to my e-mail, and then I opened up Tone’s e-mail to me. He had written a very sweet note to me. At the end of his love letter, he asked me to please open the attachment that he had sent with his note.

I clicked on the attachment and this is what T. had made for me—using my new App! He made this, and then took a picture of it, and then sent it to me. Y’all have a great evening! I love Tony!


DY_Goddess said...

Oh! That is sooooooo sweet! Gotta love a hopeless romantic, you're a lucky lady Nancy!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Fay & Kris xo

Anonymous said...

You and Tony are so lucky to have found each other! What a great story, especially so near to Valentine's Day!

cousin nancy said...

Fay and Linda, thank you for the comments and Happy Valentine's Day to y'all!