Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mari And I Walked Four Miles Today!

First off, I want to brag about walking four miles today with Mari! Mari wasn't here to do the actual two two-miles walks with me—but she was here in spirit! We did it Mari—Yeah!

This morning, Carol, our neighbor, good friend, dog walking volunteer, who also joins Tone and me for our twenty-six hour vacations—showed up at the rescue ranch, to walk some of our dogs! When Carol arrived, I had just finished doing my/our first two mile walk, and was in the kitchen cleaning up our breakfast dishes! As soon as I was done with the kitchen, I went outside to greet Carol, as she was returning with Nash (aka Ghost Dog) and his sweet roomie—Alfie—who Carol had named!

Alfie and Nash were happy to see me, and their furry tails wagged, as Carol and I petted and loved on them! After Carol returned them to their pen, we loved on the dogs some more and then left their pen. Then we got to visiting!

After rehashing our fun trip to Port A., we had a fun visit—talking about our Vita-Mix machine, smoothies, exercise, building, decorating and friends! It was a fun visit and filled with laughter! Around one o'clock, Carol left and we left, too—headed for Kerrville to run some errands—our cupboards were bare!

This afternoon, Kinky called and I told him this joke—that Fay had e-mailed me. "Kinky, there is this blonde who gets a waitressing job at a truck stop. Her first customer that she waits on said, 'I'll have three flat tires, two headlights and two running boards.' The new waitress went back to the kitchen and told the cook, that she did not understand the man's order! He wants three flat tires, two headlights and two running boards?' The cook laughs out loud and explains, 'That means he wants three pancakes, two eggs sunny side up, and two strips of bacon.' The waitress laughs, and then grabs a bowl and fills it with beans, and takes it out to her very first truck driving customer. When she puts the bowl of beans on his table, the trucker says that he didn't order beans, and she says, 'Well, I thought while you were waiting for your breakfast—you might want to go ahead and Gas up!"

Kink chuckled—then we discussed some rescue ranch business. Y'all have a great evening!

P.S We'll see y'all tomorrow morning on The Harley Show! And Fay—thank you for the funny joke!


DY_Goddess said...

Nancy, I'm so glad Mari got her exercise today. I was also glad to read about Nash (formerly "Ghost Dog"), his rescue story was so intriguing! Sounds like he was just finding his way home, so nice!

Nance, I'm glad you shared my joke. If I may make a small suggestion.... in the spirit of legume flatulence (I think I just made that up)... you might want to change the punch line to this: "Well, I thought while you were waiting for your breakfast—you might want to go ahead and GAS up!" LOL

See you in the morning on Harley's Show!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Oops! Thank you for the heads up, I will make the change now.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, I was so exhausted from our 4 mile walk yesterday that I overslept and missed the Harley show. David and I rushed to the computer this morning at 7:56 a.m. - right after I looked at the clock by the bed - and got to hear "Dock of the Bay" and lots of other good stuff until Harley's show ended at 9 a.m. But - sigh - I missed the Utopia segment. Maybe we should not walk as far together next Wednesday, so I can drag my carcass out of bed earlier in the morning than usual?

Ok, speaking of "small suggestions" - such as the one Fay made - I have been meaning to correct your reference to attending the Riders in the Sky concert at the Dietert Center! I know a lot of us in the audience there weren't young (A-HEM! I resemble that remark), but it was the Dietert AUDITORIUM, not the Center (which is for "vintage people"), where the Riders played! A Freudian slip? LOL

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! Thank you for making me laugh this early in the morning! I'm sorry that you and David missed us on the show, but then there's next Thursday to try to watch it! I am fixin' to do two miles with you and i hope that you are ready. BTW, are you going horseback riding with Cindy and me? I can tell Jeannie to please bring her invisible horse named Trigger.

P.S. And, thank you for auditing Auditorium—instead of Center. When I looked around the auditorium that night, at The Riders In The Sky concert—and saw a lot of old people my age, I told Tony, "I bet this is exactly what a nursing home feels like—good grief, do you realize that Mari and David are the youngest people here, and they're forty-somethings!" Tony said nothing, because he didn't hear me, because he, too is hard of hearing! LOL!

DY_Goddess said...

Awwww Nancy, I love you guys! You're so real!!