Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We Rescued Kathleen Keen!

Yesterday, Tony and I rescued this little cutie! Her name is Kathleen, and she is adorable, friendliy, and the sweetest little eight pound dog! Please meet Kathleen!


Anonymous said...

so very sweet; you dogatarians are our heroes. precious little pup. and, where did the fun, make you belly laugh, video go? of the churchill morning wakeup call

Anonymous said...

oops, just saw the link, so sorry:)

racermom2 said...

Nancy, I can't wait to see Kathleen! But she is so cute, she will probably be gone before Sat.

I would love to see a video clip of you wearing your pink Gypsy boots and roping!

cousin nancy said...

Good morning Fay, Anon and Linda!

Fay, I didn't post Churchill right, and I have just removed it from my blog, because it wasn't always working—my fault, of course.

Anon, I'm sorry that the video wasn't always working—no apologies from you.

Linda, Kathleen Keen is absolutely the sweetest little dog, and if she is still here, you might have to carry her, when you take her for a walk! Linda, I will see what I can do about a video clip...the only thing is—i am not real good with editing...and i would only post a video—as long as I roped the post!

Thank y'all for your comments!

Judy Green said...

Little KK stole MY heart on The Harley Show's live webcast this morning!

Anonymous said...

Kinky is friendly:) ( your little lead thing!) wish he would be the gov. for the dogs, instead of us humans.....guess he already is.