Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kris & Becky Are Getting Married Today!

Dear Becky and Kris!

Kinky, Tony and I, at the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and to send you our best wishes on getting married today, in Houston, Texas! Unbeknownst to y’all, your dear friends have been working behind your backs, with me, for over a month—to make this happen for you two!

So, in honor of your marriage today, Carol, Jenn, Leah, Lee, Nora, Robin, Tara, and Terri-Lei have sponsored a dog pen, at our rescue ranch, in honor and to celebrate your marriage! Congratulations!

The name they chose for your pen, at the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, is the “Kris & Becky Matrimonial Dog Pen!”

P.S. A sign is being painted by our artist, and we will send you a picture of it, as soon as we receive it, and will hang it on your dog pen! We wish to thank you, and your great friends: Carol, Jenn, Leah, Lee, Nora, Robin, Tara and Terri-Lei for helping us help them! We wish you a wonderful life together, and please give Jaxx a hug from Kinky, Tony, and me!


DY_Goddess said...

That is just the sweetest thing, what a wonderful gift to the happy couple!
Congrats to Kris, Becky & Jaxx! May they enjoy many, many happy years together.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Nancy, Tony and Kinky! Kris and Becky should definitely get married more often.