Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Medina Bulldog vs. Cousin Nancy!

Late this afternoon, Tony, Ben and I went over to visit with Kinky! After a fun visit, Kinky, Ben and I decided to take the dogs for a walk, because Mr. Magoo is packing on the pounds, and he needs to lose some weight. Tony elected to stay at the Lodge with Perky.

Our walk about, with The Friedmans and the two Welch girls, Valerie and Penny, quickly turned into a vigorous hike! We're talking old horse paths, that were pretty rocky and steep! Ben led us, Kinky followed, and I brought up the rear—trying not to stumble or tip over. Thirty minutes later, after Kinky had shared some really great stories with us, we were standing on the side of a mountain, with the sun shining behind us. "Are we lost, y'all?" I asked. "I have no clue as to where we are."

Ben and Kink laughed. "No Nance," Ben said. "There's the cabin." Then he pointed to my left. I looked behind me, and sure enough—there was the cabin, about twenty feet from us. I knew exactly where we were.

When we reached the Lodge, I challenged Tony to a friendly game of pool. Sad to say, The Medina Bulldog - 1, Cousin Nancy - Zip, with a capital Z.

Ben then challenged Tony to a game—Ben The Mountain Man - 1, The Medina Bulldog - a big Zero, with a capital Z, too!

Kinky challenged Ben to shoot a game—The Hummingbird Man - 1, Ben The Mountain Man - another Zero, just like T.s!

"Okay. That now makes Kinky number one, Ben is number two, Tone is number three, and me last, of course." I declared. "It's not fair—that I always come in last." Everyone laughed, including me, but I was faking it.

"Tone," Kinky said, "how about you playing a game against The Hummingbird Man?" Tony grabbed the rack, quickly racked up the fifteen balls. The Hummingbird Man broke up the balls. Their game was really close—they were both on, and each one made some pretty cool pool shots, right up until the very end. The Medina Bulldog - 1, and The Hummingbird Man wasn't humming! T. had defeated him! I loved it! Yeah Tony!

"Nance, we need to go home, now," My good looking husband stated, as he returned his pool stick to the pool stick rack, behind the door.

"Okay Tone," I said. "We had better 'git' while you're still on top—The champion! Tony is now in first place, Kinky is in second place, Ben is now third, and as always—I'm fourth." Then we left the Lodge.

As Buttermilk, took us over the river, and through the woods to the rescue ranch, I said, "Tony I've got a great idea! Let's challenge Kinky and Ben to a rope-off? You and Ben are both good ropers, and I know that I can out rope Kinky! I know I can. It would be fun!" T. laughed, as our electronic gate opened for us to enter. Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. I want to give a couple of shout outs to Jackie and Billy Ray, over in New Orleans and to Cathie B. and Robert S. up in North Texas! Billy Ray, Harley Belew, and all Harley's Rule, and as for your wife, 'The Louisiana Ladyrider J. aka—Red, thank y'all for watching us on Harley today, and I agree with Billy Ray—Tone does look a lot like Charlie Daniels, but he can't play a fiddle like Charlie can! And, to Cathie B. and Robert S.—thanks for watching us today on Harley, too! Y'all need to come see us, the next time, that y'all are down here, visiting Judy! We could sit and visit in Outer Space, and then we could have a rope-off! And, I bet you, that Tone and I can win, too!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Thank you! Y'all were naturals for the radio & web. It is a real pleasant change of pace to turn the tv off, and the radio/web on. Harley is so very good. We do!need to come down. Thank!you for the invite. We would love to sit and visit. Guess we better find a rope at Weldon's and start practicing:) ....You know, for sure, you and the Tone will win.